Set of the Fortnight #5

VS Series

Favourite cards in the set
Worst cards in the set
How you feel about this set in general

(Thank you to @quuador for the reminder)


I think this is a very unique set with very memorable artwork in general. I like how they made certain trainer’s Pokemon with the same art style. I’ve been thinking about picking up some of these cards but they are quite hard to find in mint condition from what I’ve noticed on eBay.

Here are some of my favorites:


I love this set so much.

What drives me nuts is how I’ve seen a fluctuation in their prices over the years. Some people say that common cards should go for $5 except for the “rarer” more sought after pokemon. Drives me nuts. They are often available on Y!J for really cheap so I just don’t get it.

The artwork in this set is stunning and nothing is wrong whatsoever :wink:

I agree the art is phenomenal across all the cards in this set, it is filled with lovely colors and intricate designs. A couple that stand out to me are
this lovely ghosty, it is just magical, really gives the feel of being outside at midnight
I really enjoy the background design of this card, it creates this effect like psychic energy is flowing out of his head!
this card keeps me up at night
and of course having 2 ampharos cards in a set is just AMAZING!!! I love these guys a lot :heart_eyes:
lovely boy right here, look at that dapper smile

Great set but as of now seems incredibly expensive to complete! one day I do hope to complete it though :blush:


Definitely agree with all six that were posted by @xzini , especially those two Lapras.

Some other of my favorites:

I recently bought that Steelix, but I might pick up those two Lapras and Marowak as well. :blush:

EDIT: As for worst… I like all of them tbh… If I really had to pick one, probably this one:

On first glance they look a bit cross-eyed.


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As someone who has neglected and avoided everything VS related, I am really impressed after going through this thread. The Lapras, Dewgong, Articuno & Umbreon illustrations are remarkable.

Love this card. The holo pops so nicely. Major gripe is that this set never got an english release.

Love love love LOVE this set! Really like how each illustrator was given a gym leader/elite four member to illustrate. Wish it was printed in English, but do like the uniqueness the Japanese only print gives this set. One day I’ll complete this set… One day!

Some of my favorite illustrators/cards

Falkner’s Pokemon! Especially this Pidgeot! Such soft, lovely illustrations.

Is it possible that I like birds??? Maybe a lot??? Another favorite, Morty’s Murkrow. All of Morty’s cards are fantastic.

Morty’s Ninetales and Marrowak have already been featured, but you can’t forget Morty’s Gengar!

CUTE! Just 110% CUTE! Can’t go wrong with Dragonite. Claire’s illustrator is wonderful.

Love Will’s cards, and love Will! Here’s my favorite under his name

Can’t believe no one has mentioned this bad boy! Still on the lookout for this cool 'Zard. One day… One day. Love the ink work in the illustrations for Lance’s cards.

And you can’t forget this trio!

If I had to pick a least favorite, it would probably be Koga’s Forretress. Card doesn’t really do it for me. Like Koga’s Crobat though.


I started to having a déjà vu as I was typing out how cool this style is and that it reminds me of Maurice Sendak illustrations. Then I remembered that dragontype 's VS Dragonite in his collection thread had given me the same feeling (where I left my original comment :smirk:). I didn’t investigate the other cards from that set, but I should have.

The other styles are really unique and memorable too! (I :heartpulse:that derpy magneton)

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The VS set is amazing, I’ve had a 75% complete set for far too long! Top art all round, favourite would probably be the Umbreon or typhlosion.

I’m not familiar with this set at all, but I love that artwork! This may be the first thing from the Giant Yellow Border era that I’m actually interested in.

Interesting that everything in this set seems to be a Basic Pokemon. I assume it’s because otherwise cards like Lance’s Charizard would be unusable without a Lance’s Charmeleon and so on.


Exactly same picks as I have, Umbreon is just too cute and Typhlosion has amazing artwork for non holo card.

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Easily my favorite set, the artwork is out of this world. Simply amazing!

Ahh a top rated, Japanese exclusive set, favourite has to be the legendary beasts for me

Cough* @milhouse *cough. Needs changing my man.

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Like most, I really like the entire set overall. Favorite has to be Karen’s Umbreon. The card’s gorgeous~
The Magneton and the weirdly drawn Ampharos are my least favorites :0

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One of the most annoying sets to piece together of all-time. lol I was so happy when I finally finished it off a few years ago. I do love how they more or less assigned one artist to each character’s Pokemon, e.g. Mitsuhiro Arita doing all of Pryce’s cards, Atsuko Nishida doing all of Falkner’s cards, etc.

Do you guys really think that WOTC skipped it due to the cards being “too powerful” which many fans have pointed to as the reason? Personally, I don’t buy it. Most of the cards in the set had low HP (the highest for any card was 80, and those were rare) and many of the attacks were middling. I’ve always believed that they just didn’t want to release a set that excised the whole “evolution” aspect of the game entirely.

This is def my favorite VS series card, even though it came from that weird promo half deck, and doesn’t really fit with the rest of the set because it features an anime movie character.

With that being said, I was always a big gym series fan and I have loved the VS sets since they first came out.
I’m not well informed on the whole history of this set but I remember seeing scans when I was like 10 years old and just thinking “man I can’t wait for these to be released in English!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Its a real shame we never got the spiritual successor to the Gen 1 gym series here in the states, and that’s the first reason that makes me think this set is criminally underappreciated.

I’m surprised to see some boxes going for $600 on ebay and I’m tempted to pick one up because I’ve never seen them this cheap, but they pop up so infrequently its hard for me to nail down a fair price point.
I guess because you need all 3 boxes to complete the set is why each box is still below $1000.

Also, is the fire/water box rarer than the other 2? because I almost never see it around.
AND are you guaranteed to pull every card from their respective expansion box? Who the heck has even opened of these things?

I opened 8 packs a couple weeks ago, 3 grass 3 psychic and 2 fire
The contents are 11 artworks 11 energys 4 trainers 2 tm’s 2 holos 1 holo being the respective special energy it comes with every pack; rainbow in psychic steel in grass dark in fire i’d say a box is enough to finish that part at least easily.
Heck you can get really far with just 3 packs of each alone, you’d miss out on a few holos, some of them are more common than others, umbreon is really rare compared to sneasel for example.

I think fire vs water has a bigger market because the box artwork is amazing as hell. Clair is a cool character :grin:

  • more importantly it has charizard blastoise and Umbreon potentially inside if i were to add the last thing to my already very complete vs collection it would be a fire vs water box simply because it seems most appealing.

Seems like you and i both had that same love for gym and VS :stuck_out_tongue: cool to see some enthusiasm for it ^^.

Oh and that tyranitar is really sweet indeed but i think i slightly prefer the Karen’s one, i love how the holo looks on that cave having the holo shine like hidden gems in the walls and how rough the ttar is portrayed.