Does anyone know what’s going on with these cards:

I’d ask myself, but I think Pseudo111 and Hypercath both blocked me for some reason.
I bid on something for each of them once, and now I can’t ever do that again.

But on-topic, these Square cut cards are weird. Were they part of a large sheet that he/she cut apart?

Yes, those were illegitimately cut from a sheet.

As far as bidding goes, maybe they do not ship to your area. Sometimes eBay will not show results for sellers who do not ship to your location. Maybe send them a message and see if they did in fact block you.

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They do ship to the US. I done many transaction with them in the past

Yes, the corners/edges are the most telling sign. Also, the cuts make no sense for how they were cut by WOTC. It was clearly hand cut in hopes to make more money.

Either way these French sellers make absolutely no sense at all in pricing their items.


I don’t think it’s because of my location. I can bid from the wife’s account.
My account is specifically blocked. They have a lot of Blastoise stuff too :slightly_frowning_face:
I guess I’ll just have to go through the wife’s account.

They have quite a few singles I want, but they’re cards are priced too high. Do they speak English? Maybe I can haggle the price of a bulk order down to something reasonable.

Yes he speak english. He has nice cards but unfortunately I can’t buy other items from he. Lol