ebay purchase / condition - from French seller

I figured this was the best place to put this. I am not pissed but looking for advice.

The seller: Pseudo111
Problem - card condition for price
Items - HGSS and Nintendo promos

I was trying to find some of the harder find promos from HGSS and Nintendo series. The only sellers that had them were European sellers. This cards are semi - hard to find and I want them as a place holder for now. The problem is that the seller called them new and charged what I feel is a premium price for that condition.

I purchased the holo versions of Nintendo star promo Groudon and kyogre ex, hgss smoochum, Nintendo 30 suicune, non holo trios starters. The holos were about excellent/NM condition. I go by a 50% if 50% of the cards I purchase are below what you describe I will discuss it with the seller. And that’s one grade below. These cards are 2 or 3 grades below. Also they shipped them u sleeved in a opened booster pack inside a latter envelope. Horrible overall.

I know what to do but I’m curious if anyone can help me word it or translate it to get a partial refund.

I hate that seller, had some bad experience with him too.

Seems like this person doesn’t really care.

It’s weird that you say it’s Hypercath as I’ve always heard they had great cards & conditions.
Except for the price. All I know is finding these damn HGSS & Nintendo Promos in good condition is
hard. I’m trying fill out my Promo binder.

A lot of European sellers (there are exceptions AJ :wink:) say the card is Mint when it isn’t and packaging the cards can be a lot better. I received cards that were just thrown in the envelope.
American, Japanese and UK sellers are better in listing and packaging the cards.

In Europe I had the best experience with UK and German sellers and the worst with Spanish and French.

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I got a w stamped italian pikachu, advertised as mint, arrived played with dirt on it. It is still in my binder, since I haven’t found a better one yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed, always received great service from hypercath.

Pseudo and hypercath are two different ppl. I think hypercath is a member here.

I can’t buy from Pseudo because I’ve left a negative feedback because I’ve received one card damaged lol!!!

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In my opinion, hypercath is a very bad seller !
I have bought some cards from him, and there was always problems, the cards were never mint although he confirmed by PM that the cards were 100% mint …

Unfortunately, some “big” french sellers on Ebay lie on the condition of their cards (the worst is tousfoudespoke …) :confused:

PS : I’m a french guy …

How dare you list something for a cheaper price than others.

You are really a scumbag!

That is the guy from the Netherlands who was trying to sell those 4,000ish gold stars. I guess they didn’t sell.

Will be interesting to monitor the PSA pop report, assuming he isn’t full of shit about sending them all.

If the POP report goes insane, I’d love if you forced him to undercut stupid low prices. Then everyone could pick up a ton of suuuuuper cheap PSA 10 UF Gold Stars. That’d be nice.

It blows my mind how someone so lacking in maturity could possess so many gold stars.

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Ah, Pseudo111. We meet again.

My arch nemesis

Regrettably, I’ve purchased from this titular “seller” in previous years. I have never experienced any professionalism from this individual; his cards either get detoured in mail transit or lost entirely. I had to obtain my refunds via PayPal due to his lack of response on eBay. Afterwards, I was permanently blocked from purchasing items from his store (as if I cared, haha).

I hate this seller with vehemence. :rage: