Fishy ebay listing

In my ebay browsing today I came across this listing:

Which led me to this video:

I’m wondering if this ebay listing or video has ever surfaced on the forum before? Maybe a while ago when the video came out or the listing on ebay first went up?


In the video he says his friend “worked at a company called packaging advantage, a company used by WOTC to Package cards”. Does anyone know if that statement is true? And if that company was/is real and actually did do packaging for WOTC, would they of for any reason have put these base holos in the cellophane wrappers for any reason? I’ve never heard of or seen them this way before. He says “they didnt release these cards because they are miscut”, I’m not sure if he is talking about wotc or the company packaging advantage. There is a few comments stating that this dude is not trustworthy and that this is someone’s own doing, which I tend to believe. Also did base set unlimited square cuts ever come from booster packs? Or would they of had to come from someone cutting a sheet? I know I’ve seen other square cut cards before, what’s the story on the square cuts?

Sure has. He’s been hawking those aftermarket sheet cut, home wrapped cards for years. All the info is bogus:(


I’m willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt and say they could be legit.
But at the same time, both square cuts and this type of wrapping are both things that are easily within the realm of something that could be… “custom made”. For this reason - even if these were shown demonstrably to be real - I wouldn’t value it highly. Definitely something I would stay clear from. It’s best to just assume they are illegitimate.

I feel this way about all square cuts. In general, the more accessible the full sheets are, the further I stay away.

Also, why are these holos wrapped this way? The only holo I’m aware of that should be like this is the Machamp

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They are 100% hand cut.


Not even 99.97% ?


I’m guessing his buddy at the packaging company did it? That is if this packaging company even really ever existed. It does look exactly like the machamp wrapper. I’d think someone on here might know if that company really did provide wrapping for cards for wotc, or if wotc did it themselves, or if another company did it. Who knows how far this dudes fabrication goes!

I remember reading a comment where I think you stated you had a square cut first edition base set mewtwo? Am I right? What’s the story on the square cuts? Did some show up in booster packs or were all square cuts smuggle jobs that left WOTC under the radar or were hand cut by people who had uncut sheets? (Which I’m guessing were also smuggle out of the factory jobs as well)

I have never seen a pokemon card that was on an angle. I’ve seen lots of off center cards, but none with the boarders being literally crooked. I think he hand cut them with his eyes closed

Buying square cut cards is like buying “unweighed packs” imo.

I also have access to a giant paper cutter guillotine at work. If anyone has a base set holo sheet, let’s get together. We could make trillions or maybe even billions.


Yes, they are legit. I’m only stating they cut them off of multiple “legit” card sheets.

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It’s entirely possible that his buddy packaged them, but I really doubt WOTC would have ever requested these be packaged in this way… it’s completely off base.

But in this case we don’t have to wonder since we already know these have been hand cut and sealed. If they’d cut them into triangles and sealed them into Doritos bags they would be just as legitimate…

By the way, as you can tell by the date on video they have been around a little while. They became a topic when they appeared for sale in 2015.

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Does anyone know where the thread is that I described the square cuts?

They aren’t as common but I have seen many that were cut at an angle.

You mean this quote? It’s an old one.

Anyone collecting square cuts is collecting an unverifiable myth. No matter what anyone says they will always be unverifiable. Luckily these cards were put in aftermarket plastic to make it easy to spot.

Square cuts are so easy to replicate from a sheet. There is no way to truly authenticate them.


@megazone no that wasn’t it. I think it may be somewhere in the unpopular opinions thread. Theres a part in there somewhere discussing some super obscure unverified blastoise card. Its somewhere around there. But that thread has so many pages now I didnt wanna find it.

author="@garyis2000"]Oh it’s real. Many sheets went uncut only to be cut later and some were even test cut for alignment purposes.

This card, along with a couple dozen more i have, came directly from Wizards as replacement cards. Back in 1999 I would send back 20 or so base set shadowed holos a week as defective which were usually replaced with shadowless cards…which is why I was doing it and also why I still have MANY hundreds of shadowless holos to this day;) Well, one week my replacements came and they were all shadowed square cuts.

Hope that info helps:)[/quote][/quote]
that’s awesome you got them that way Gary! That rules