Shining Gyarados Square Cut

I recently saw one of these cards and I am curious what everyone thinks about how rare this card is.

I only know of two

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I remember hearing about the “square cut king” on here. Someone please tag him. I am curious to know more about this card.

The guy with the scissored charizard?

I’ve seen a few square cut cards pop up on Ebay from time-2-time. Including the one OP mentioned. They’re neat to look at and own. It’s a select market for collecting. Nothing of great value.

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What scissored charizard? Do you mean just cutting factory sheets?

Forget his name but a guy showed up with a square cut charizard that looked like it was cut with safety scissors, people told him it was hand cut and he flipped out.

:rofl: lol

Assuming people cut them better is there anyway to tell the difference between factory and hand cut?

I would assume all square cuts are hand cut. Is it documented somewhere that they actually square cut them at WOTC?


If I have them in hand, I can most often tell.

I can verify it. I got several dozen in 1999 direct from Wizards as card replacements (they have a card replacement room where you used to be able to send in cards with pack scratches or chipping and they’d send you new ones…yes I took big time advantage of that system cause for awhile they sent shadowless instead of Unl lol).


CARD REPLACEMENTS!?! Wow. You guys have so much great inside info.

Out of curiosity, do you own, or have you ever seen an uncut Neo Rev sheet with the shinings present?

Not that I recall brother…

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Gary, I think you made my heart stop for a second there… Heh. That must have been a hell of an experience.

I originally had 6/7 of each Neo Revelation holo that I got off of the guy who had the FPO’s. I am trying to find the email with the exact count, but am not having much luck. I think 3 full sets of 16 holos went to higher end collector’s and most of the rest was sold individually on ebay. I do have 1 full set of 16 left in my personal collection.


Looks like there were “Uncut sharp corner foils- 108 total” He used Sharp not square, so it took a minute to find


It was exciting for me. Back then the shadowless series didn’t even have a name and wasn’t recognized by anybody but me lol. I collected them from day one and initially named them “No Shadow”. When I got the first replacements in the mail and they were shadowless…I went crazy going after them;)
A few years later I finally got them designated on psa’s label as “Shadowless” and that was exciting too.


You are literally a time machine, Gary.