Shining Gyarados and Magikarp Square Cut

Is there any information about these cards? Any price history? I’ve purchased mine about 5+ years ago and its difficult to pinpoint who I bought it from as I did not keep a record.

Update: Thank you all for helping me figure out the origins of my cards! Y’all have been super welcoming and I especially loved all the critiques.


I do admire them and will get one if I come across some day, but idk if they can be authenticated as factory misprints or not

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I don’t know how to tag someone but @azulryu should know more about them

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@bakedapple , very cool to see another pair of these. It’s been a little over a year since I’ve seen another one. The fact that yours have the dots is also a more indicative sign that yours are the real deal since a lot of these are faked and just simple hand cut or non-factory cut from sheets. I’ve seen a few and held a few in hand that were unfortunately fake.

As for prices, selling/buying miscuts is a mixed bag. I sold one for around $500 (the Shining Gyarados) a while back but I have seen price ranges anywhere from $250 to as high as $800 within the last 3 years myself for cards that were actually purchased.

As for the history, that’s also a mixed bag. The seller I purchased mine from said he got them from a guy who was allegedly a former WOTC employee, allegedly WOTC handed these out during the Neo set prints to some employees. I heard one story of some guy who allegedly raided WOTC dumpsters and found a few of these but I’m more inclined to believe the former.

Very cool cards. As a Gyarados collector, if I didn’t have other goals, I would have loved to make an offer on your Gyarados, but alas I don’t think I’d be able to give you an offer you’d take. Maybe one day I’ll have this guy again.

Thanks for showing them!

Edit: There is a misprint group on Facebook that focuses on these that could probably give you offers: - I know for a fact that there are a few other Gyarados collectors who are a part of the group who would love to throw out offers your way.


@azulryu , thank you for sharing any information you have about these cards! I had no idea that these could’ve came from straight from a WOTC employee as I assumed a lot of square-cuts are cut by hand. I’m a new user but I just used the search bar to see if I there are any like mine and it seems like I possibly bought it from TCA Gaming as there was a picture he posted that looked similar. I for sure did buy a good amount of cards from him back then so it would fit the timeline.


Rusty ( @thecharizardauthorty ) did have a few and even brought some to the Hartford Regionals event a little over a year ago - he might be able to provide some more information since he has better sources than I by far. The unfortunate thing is, as @papafrankgod stated, is that these kinds of cards can’t really be authenticated as they’re easy to reproduce if you have access to a sheet and a decent cutter. It’s what initially started turning me off to them in the first place once more started popping up on ebay.


I purchased a stack of them - I think it was roughly 6-7 full holo sets of the Square Neo Rev Shinings back in 2013. I got them from the same guy the Neo Discovery squares, FPOS, and Matchprints came from. They were all super clean

Im not sure of how many people are cutting square corner cards from sheets anymore, especially from a set like this where I imagine the sheet itself would be very highly valued. There are some sheets it could make sense to do it, but at the end of the day you are still looking at a real card. The only thing changing with a hand cut card is possibly quality and the environment of the cut. I would say majority are NOT hand-cut. So many square corner cards comes from packs and so few sheets are out there in relative comparison based on personal experience.


These are really interesting. Cool to see for sure.

@bakedapple, I’d buy the magikarp

@TCAGaming, oh wow didn’t expect it to be a legit card. Do you happen to know the context behind the guy who sold you these cards or how he came across them? And also I’m not too knowledgeable about the “square-cut” situation in respect to how they ended up with sharp corners like that instead of the normal rounded corners (in my case)?

He was a part of the design team. He had all kinds of random stuff from cards, to sheets, to sets, packs, and more.