fishy photos e series?

Just bought these and wondering if any of you also find the listing a bit fishy?
Messaged the seller about condition which they replied most nm a few exc.
Then asked about combined postage, whether exc meant light scratches or creases and bends and if they were all english, they never responded.

Photos are of terrible quality apart from their expedition set which had some form of zoom and after id bid noticed some of those were italian or whatever.

Anyone dealt with this person before? Is it just poor listing technique?

I bought from him recently and had no troubles whatsoever. Got my cards pretty quickly despite the fact he ships from Italy. I hope you have the same experience as I did. Edited to add that the cards I got were in the condition he described to me. I think you’ll probably be pretty safe with your purchase here.

These photos are awful quality though, I agree.

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately not going to work out. He finally replied after realising I wasnt going to pay until he answered the questions. He said I would need to judge them myself when i got them and that about half of them were english.
Gunna have to ask him to cancel. Feel like a bit of a dick and feel as though he tried to mislead me by ignoring my questions until after purchase. He had been active on ebay as he jacked the starting prices up after I asked and then ignored again when he sent me invoive for combo shipping. it’s a shame…

With all due respect, I don’t think the seller did anything wrong. You bought the cards before you got your questions answered. Then, when you didn’t like the answers, you want to cancel the purchase? How is that fair?

I do understand that you asked the questions before buying them and didn’t receive an answer at first. But is that really the seller’s fault? Maybe he or she was too busy at the time you submitted the question, and they planned to get back to you but you bought the cards before they had a chance to answer.

How do you know that “he realized that (you) were not going to pay”? Did you tell him you weren’t going to pay? If so, then you are the one who is wrong, not the seller.

I’m not trying to pick up a fight. I’m just pointing this out in the hopes that you can see if from the buyer’s perspective. Doing business on eBay is a two-way street. Both the seller and the buyer need to live up to their end of the deal.

I agree with you which is partly why I feel like a dick. I understand his point of view and that of all sellers on ebay with the system generally working in the buyers favour.
At the end of the day I shouldn’t have bid on the items and they would have finished with no one buying them. I did ask questions well in advance of the auction finishing and repeated them afterwards. He had the time to send me a combined invoice then and waited another day to follow up with my questions.

In terms of his perspective id be pissed also I can definitely see it from his side. And If I was selling these items i’d post photos which were clear enough that people could actually tell the language of the cards, not just one blurry photo of all 32 in one frame. I apologise if this in any way offended/offends any sellers on here as that was definitely not my goal.

Snap…Maybe you need to read Glenn’s post again. He’s right on whether you’re a buyer or seller.
You started to agree but then fell into defensive mode again…like criticizing his photos.
Next time take everything into account, including substandard photos, before you bid. Then bid accordingly and hone hat bid:)
And when you sell, no excuses. Follow through even if you didn’t get the money you wanted or made some kind of mistake in the listing.
It all comes down to personal responsibility.
That’s my lesson for the day lol.

Agree. Shouldn’t have bid without knowing the language.

Snap, I recommend you simply go through with the transaction. As Sagewolf mentioned, the seller seems to be a person of his or her word. Consider, too, that the seller might really, truly need the money for something important, and was counting on the sale going through.

If you pay, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you did the right thing. That’s far more valuable than a set of cards or $100 bucks.

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Points taken ill have a think about it.