Not able to buy these?

Ok so I’ve encountered a weird situation on eBay.

Here are two listings:

For some odd reason I cannot BIN on either of them. Additionally, I cannot contact the seller as I receive a notification that says they are unable to respond. This is clearly a reputable seller and I have flawless history on eBay. Does anyone know why I can’t buy these cards?

No, but I can BIN them real quick for you if you need help and are willing to pay for them.

I assume you read the details of his listing? Like he only ships to USA and Japan. You’re in the USA right?

I have had the same issue with two French sellers. I can’t bid or buy-it-now, though they list shipping to the USA and my wife can bid from her account.

That sounds great. I’d be very appreciative of that!

Yep. That is correct. No idea why I can’t at least contact the guy.