PSA 'Turnaround time'

Not venting, yet, but it’s a little annoying. So PSA charge more for services with a shorter turnaround time. My package was received by them 4 days ago (according to their package tracker), but it’s still not been ‘assigned’ to my account as an order. By that I assume they haven’t even opened it. Firstly, is this normal? How long do they usually take to assign a package to someone’s account? Secondly, apparently the turnaround time doesn’t start when they receive the package, but instead when it’s been assigned to the account. Surely this makes the turnaround time completely redundant and a stupid concept, they could leave my package there for 2 months before opening it, and then the ‘turnaround time’ clock would start? Seems a little ridiculous to me. Would make sense if the time started when they receive the package, as it’s then out of the post office’s hands. Thoughts?

yes i think that its normal
Mine from the UK takes a week or so to arrive at PSA and then sometimes another week to show on the system.

Yours should show on the system very soon, i say give it a few more days. It could be that PSA have received a lot of orders and are very busy at this time because it took one of my orders two weeks to be dispatched back to me.

Fair enough. Just seems a little weird their turnaround time doesn’t start until they want it to lol.

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That is completely normal, sometimes they don’t open packages for 2+ weeks!

Did you write the turn around time on the box?

Man if you think that is bad, wait until you have to wait past the estimated turnarounds :wink:

Be careful though, a lot of people here get their knickers in a knot if you dare criticise PSA



Bgs has it differently as when I sent my order in from exact day they recieved it was completed in 10 days on the dot. Pretty kewl stuff. I was actually bugging them during my cards being graded. They where pretty kewl and responding really fast. I think psa must be alot busyer because they didnt answer my emails for very long timingtons.

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Yeah same here, they don’t reply at all to emails until maybe 2 months have passed. No doubt I’ll be complaining again if they go over the turnaround time, I just think the idea of a turnaround time which doesn’t start till they want it to is a bit… well, very stupid.

PSA has done this for as long as I can remember, its simply SOP for them, and it makes sense. They can’t possibly open every package they receive on Day 1, they need to a) pick it up at the post office, b) sort it according to any turnaround time marked on the outside, c) open the package and make sure everything is all correct (cards, payment, etc), d) send the cards to the correct department with the correct turnaround time, and finally e) enter the cards into the system and put them in the grading queue. That process sometimes takes a few days and its just how it works.

Second, PSA’s turnaround times are estimates. While they’re usually pretty good about getting all the cards done on time, I wouldn’t make a big stink if they miss it by a day or two. If my cards go over the turnaround time I’d wait several days and then give them a friendly call just to check up on the order and make sure there wasn’t any problems.


It would be cool if they got back to emails quik. It took a month this time around for them to answer me, and then 3 days to answer the second time. I will throw things, but If comparing to bgs they got 25 million 900 thousand graded atm or something like that, so I guess they need more staff for these caterz… Also you know what is hilarious, BGS actually has a onsite chat service lol… when i jumped on my phone they where in chat window xD

In this day and age, would be pretty easy for psa to do dis to and I reckon it will happen some day… but thinking about it, it is a tuff responsibillity to take on cause there is gonna be 10 billion peeps messaging them a day, since in this business there is going to be allllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooot of complaints… PSA WHY DID YOU GRADE MY CARD A 9 AND THIS GUYS CARD A 10… YOU LIED TO ME… I want my monrae back.

Alternate Options if all else fails, do not try dis at home:
The best thing to do is to gather 10 billion botnets and send traffic down there lanes and crash there servers refreshing your account constantly, and den there server guy will tell them there is millins of traffic coming from @Viral and that you better check if his card been looked at yet.

I’m fairly certain DDoS attacking their site would guarantee most people don’t receive their order in a timely manner.


I don’t think I’ve ever had psa go over an estimated amount of time. And them taking a bit to get around to my cards is understandable. They’re rather busy.

Also, sometimes the opposite can occur. I’ve had multiple orders end from a few days early to a full month early. So it all tends to even out.

It isn’t an impossible task, it would just take more staff and/or organization and hurt their bottom line. It could be done. It isn’t because they frankly don’t give a damn. Don’t tell me < 2 business days couldn’t be done on the starting of time frames if they wanted it that way. 1 day is pushing it as a huge influx of packages one day could send them off their target, but <2 days could be done easily by having the staff to do it and any crazy days you use some OT for a few days to catch up.

Same goes for answering emails in less than a day or two instead of sometimes over a week or more. They just don’t care to prioritize it.

what we need to do is spam dem, and den they will answer email faster.

If they did that they would most likely need to raise the prices on graded cards. As PSA is a corporation, they must prioritize profit over all else. I’m fine with paying $6-7 per card and it taking a few days to get my order into their system.

I really don’t understand all the complaints about PSA. Y’all need to listen to some Bobby McFerrin…

The amount of profit a business has to make to maintain a workforce is staggering. I work with large scale data processing and I can tell you that shaving a few hours off of processing can take as much as a 10% increase in workforce for just a mid range business. That’s hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional costs.

What is being asked here is for there to be such an increase in labor to process requests and services that the output is guaranteed to never exceed a given designation. This translates in the real world to an excess of labor because you are asking for hiring to anticipate the worst scenarios, not the norm. I wouldn’t be surprised if that would require a 100% increase in staffing.

While the complaints for the 5% deviation seem like an easy fix, from a management perspective they are entirely unreasonable. You will always have the occasional long processing period or grading period for the same reason you will always wait at a restaurant if several large parties arrive at a non-rush hour. You cannot expect a business to hire with the worst case scenario in mind. It’s a waste of money.

If you think waiting a couple extra weeks here and there for your cards is unbearable, you’re not only in the wrong hobby but you might consider how much less you would like a 250%+ increase in the cost of grading services to bring the wait times down to what you have deemed reasonable.

If you paid for a fast service and you’re complaining about this: talk to PSA customer service because you have a more legitimate complaint. But as usual, I am guessing most of the people with beef are using the cheapest, slowest services intended to save you money in exchange for a highly flexible service schedule (months for completion versus days)

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I assume the turnaround time being written on the outside of the packages is so that they can grab the <10 day orders before the monthly special and bulk stuff to get them entered and the turnaround time clock ticking. I hesitated to pay the $20 per card for 10 of my higher dollar cards on a 59 card order I am shipping out tomorrow, but due to the unknowns of the up front time on these I just went with the 30 day on all of them. I assume the quicker orders get entered quicker, but I would have not been a happy camper having a 10 day turnaround take several days to enter, so I passed on that idea. The unknown of the way they handled my previous bulk orders (entered anywhere from 3 days after USPS delivery to 15 days) kept me from wanting to pay the extra $12 per card. Oh well.

My last order is on its way back and they got it sent back on day 30/30 which is good and all as they aren’t late, but the 6 business days for them to enter it meant I am getting it tomorrow instead of before the holiday which is what I was going for when I paid the higher rated monthly special. I paid an extra $1 per card (I know, not a big deal) to go with 30 days instead of 50, and although they hit it, the time up front pushed me past the holiday that I was shooting to get it back before. Not a huge deal in the end, but paying for more you don’t always get more.


Keep in mind packages are delivered offsight and collected once a day.
How might that matter?
Let’s use this weekend as an extreme example.

It’s the start of a new month so thousantds of orders are sent out on the beginning of a special, or at the end of a great special month.

The PSA courier collect the packages on the way to work Friday morning.
Your package’s tracking shows it was delivered Friday afternoon. Day 1
No pick ups Saturday Day 2
No pickup Sunday Day 3
No pickup Monday (4thf July Holiday) Day 4
HUGE package count pickup Tuesday Day 5
Priority submissions (if written outside box) may get opened within 2 days so we’re up to Day 7.
Now the long term and bulk from the previous 7 days get started (between the new priority orders).

Anyway, you get the idea why normally your tracking shows a delivered date which is different from your membership recording date.

To those saying they need to maximise profit - sticking to their stated turnaround times would do just that. Ignore them and people will start choosing other companies to grade their cards. I’ve heard nothing bad about BGS yet, but have been told to be careful with bad-mouthing PSA as there are people who get riled up at that, only implying that other problems have been brought up before.

My main point is, they shouldn’t advertise a turnaround time if it doesn’t start when they receive it. Once the package is in their hands the package is no longer subject to the adversities of the outside world, such as delayed postage, customs retention etc. Even if they had to change 10 biz days to 14, at least people would know that they would be waiting around 14 days, not 10 days + an unstated amount of time (which in the end just means ‘longer than unstated amount of time’). Just my 2c.

We’ve had many discussions about this so it’s probably best if you find those threads and review them. They are long and controversial so a fun read.

As a teaser, here’s my take:
Most of us love the OVERALL PSA experience and don’t pick it apart. There are a few dissenters (crybabies lol) so your not alone and we’ll try to convert you:)

The main thing to keep in mind is:
If you pay for a 30 business day service at BGS then a month and a half later your cards will be done…no sooner.
If you pay for a 30 business day service at PSA you could get your results in one week or less which has happened MANY TIMES.

Here’s what I do.
I ship…
I check a week or two later to make sure it got recorded…
I wait till the box comes back…

Now if you demand precise, try BGS and compare. You may be happier which is fine.


I must admit that I have been on the receiving end of better than 50 day returns for the majority of my orders.

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