PSA Turnaround Times

Hey guys, I sent in 21 cards to PSA with their January monthly special ($8 per card/30 day). I’ve seen some mixed information on when I should expect the cards back, some people have them graded within a few days and others say they take months. I’m in no rush to get them back, but who doesn’t want their PSA grades fast? So, to those who are much more experienced with PSA than me, what is the real average turnaround time?

PSA is never consistent, I’ve seen 30 day orders come back in 7 days and 50 day orders come back in 30. In some cases even longer then 50 days as well. If you are looking for a real answer there is none, as they are never consistent. With that said I dropped off my package today 23 cards on 10 day service, The earliest I’d expect them back is 2 weeks. Sorry I couldn’t help much mate.

Here is my history of PSA turnaround time (all were 50-day specials):

Received Returned
11/15/2014 1/6/2015 50 cards
11/4/2014 12/5/2014 94 cards
10/22/2014 10/29/2014 135 cards
10/9/2014 11/3/2014 50 cards
9/26/2014 10/6/2014 182 cards
8/28/2014 9/10/2014 124 cards

Some people state that the larger the order that you send to PSA, the quicker it is returned; my data seems to give some credence to that position.


I can give you one tip but I shouldn’t elaborate.
When possible, send multiple orders in the same package. One or two just may be completed super quick;)

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@ljgenco12 Oh dear. Well with my 21 card order I’ll probably be getting them back sometime within the next century or so.

Keep in mind the monthly specials are in business days. PSA has 6 weeks to get a 30 day special graded. Agree with thorgene, no consistent time to get returns. I sent 50 day specials in Sept(graded in 7 days), Oct(graded in 9 days) & Nov(took 74 to grade / mailed back to me yesterday)

It all depends on how busy they are. If you get them earlier, you’re in luck. Otherwise, expect the minimum turnaround times. They do meet those times in most cases. As mentioned above, turnaround times are in business days so take that into account. Cheers!

From what I can see “Business” days are Monday-Friday. So 5 Business days a week. A month with 31 days in it has roughly 22 Business days in it. If using the Bulk Services expect them back in 3 months. If using the 30 day return, expect them back in a month and a half. Remember that the time doesn’t start until PSA enters the order into their system. It usually takes 1-2 weeks from the time my package is dropped off at PSA to get it into their system. If you get the order back early, then you are extremely lucky. Most of my orders take pretty close to the 50 business day mark. But, my last return came back a month after I sent it, so I got lucky. Have a round at PSA right now and another one going out next week. Hope I helped! :blush:

Hmm that’s odd. They’ve always shipped my cards the same day they post my grades. Try calling (949) 833-8824, it’s the number they give on their site for non-US customers.

For me, they’ve never taken more than 3 business days to enter the submissions into their system, and have always graded and shipped my cards in 8 business days or less.

It probably costs money for people outside of the US to call that 949 number. Even if it is supposed to be a toll-free number, they may get billed for long-distance airtime and/or usage.

It’s charged as international long-distance call but you get the best rates calling the U.S. from Australia. It’s not overly expensive.

Can anyone comment on an average time frame between arrival and when the cards are entered into the system? I realize the turnaround time does not begin until cards are entered, so is it possible for cards to sit up to a week or more after arriving before they are entered?

Mine sat there for pretty much a week and a half lol. It’s the worst part~

My 50 day orders usually sit at least 1 week. The turn around time after the submission was entered into the system has varied from 9 business days to 52 business days. I would say average around 30 business days. Just my personal experience though.

Do not go giving away secrets like that… :grin:

Definitely works. At least in my experience :blush:

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It makes the extra shipping well worth it;)

I just sent 3 in separate boxes… at the same time. Any luck it might still work?

Sent in my 15 day free submission order with another large order. PSA got my order this past Friday morning and have yet to do anything with it. Marked 10 day order on all sides of the package as well. :slightly_frowning_face:

I know it is not a guarantee 10 days but still a little upsetting. Hopefully once they enter it in the system it does not take the full 10 business days.

I sent in a 5 day order and a 10 day order in the same box. It took two days to check in the 5 day order and 3 for the 10 day order. From there it took them 8 days once checked in to grade my 5 day order and 9 days to grade the 10. Its the luck of the draw really.

My tip won’t work if sent in separate mailers. Must be same box…