PSA Wait Times

Hey guys!

I saw a discussion not too long ago (think it was @fourthstartcg ?) discussing PSA wait times.

I submitted my first order which was sent a few weeks back and received by PSA on the 14th of August.

Got an email today to say my order has been shipped (26th August, meaning it has only been 8 business days).

I submitted a 50 day special. To say I’m impressed is a huge understatement. Is this completely uncommon?

What are your best PSA return time stories?

@kkthxbai, got some good news for you buddy!!!

Haha, awesome!

I think they we’re being nice to us as it was the first time we sent cards through to them.

Pretty stoked :blush:

If you want to post my results here, I don’t mind either… not expecting much from the ones I sent though.

** just to let everyone in Australia know, Ryan helped me submit cards to PSA, he offered a great service / timeframes and was helpful all round. Definitely recommend to anyone else who wants to use a middleman for psa submissions in Aus

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There have been multiple discussions about PSA’s turn around times, and the overall consensuses is you wont find PSA to be consistent when it comes to these kinds of things. Grats on an early return!


You got pretty lucky in the end! I remember you PMd me about this on Reddit. Funny thing, they finished your order sooner than the one I sent about 2 weeks prior to yours lol. Maybe the sub size was different though, so I guess that affects the turnaround as well.

The fastest they have ever processed any of my orders eas 6 business days. It was on a 30 business day submission, and they logged it in the same day they picked up the package at the post office. I haven’t had them take less than 15 business days for 50 day submissions though.

Will defiantly keep this in mind

Can confirm the craziness of PSA wait times. Some of my most insane on both ends:

Accepted 6/4/15, Shipped 6/11/15 (30-Day)
Accepted 6/4/15, Shipped 7/21/15 (30-Day)
Accepted 7/7/15, Shipped 7/15/15 (50-Day)

Still waiting on a 50-day submission that was accepted 7/31/15, but definitely no cause to be annoyed with that yet.


I think it depends as to how busy PSA is?
If they don’t have a lot of orders they can run through them a lot quicker.

Based on my personal experience these past 6 months I think PSA is more on top of it than usual.

And they were always quite reliable. :blush:

Shipped 116 cards on 6/31/15, Processed on 7/10/15, returned shipped on 8/20/15 (50 Days)
Shipped 100 cards on 6/31/15, Processed on 7/10/15, return shipped on 8/13/15 (50 Days)
Shipped 113 cards on 6/31/15, Processed on 7/10/15, return shipped on 8/20/15 (50 Days)

I’d consider this to be average. My best is about 6 days after processing and my worst is around 60 days after processing on 50 day specials.

PSA is never consistent. With sending an order in at the end of every month, they “usually” get my 50 day returns back in about 1 month or so. There were quite a few times that it takes the normal 50 days, plus the 2 week wait period from when they receive my package in the mail… Congratz on the quick return. That’s only happened to me twice out of the 15 rounds I have sent in so far.

How can you afford to grade 329 cards at once? That is INSANE!!! Talk about having a Nice paying job…


I hadn’t submitted since March, so I had been planning on it. The $5.75 special is what got me. I thought about waiting, but $5.75 isn’t every month, so get it while you can!!! I’m going to post one of the returns tonight. It’s pretty rough. It’s a prime example why I split up the submissions three ways.

Definitely! The $6.75 this month was lame lol. The previous 3 months were better at 5.75 or less.

You guys complaining about prices when from the UK I pay someone £11.99 per f’ing card haha.

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That seems excessive but knowing the way the UK taxes people using oxygen I can understand that.

You using Barney?

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Yea i am using him, it’s the cheapest way I have found so far, I just have to be extra picky about the cards I grade. Considering getting a psa membership in the new year but I’m not sure if it’s really worth getting yet.

I seem to have a great track record with psa and the shortest ever 50 day turnaround was 2 business days for me lol

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