PSA turnaround time

Anyone else experiencing really slow processing at the moment? I realize we are in between two trade shows, I just didn’t realize how backed up they get.

I have a bulk order received on 8/11 that has yet to be even be logged.

Anyone else at the moment?

Well, I had a 10 day turnaround that was slower than expected. And I also had a 30 day that was back to me in 8 days. sometimes it is just luck of the draw.

took a week or two for my bulk to be processed prior to the shows and it came back in less than 15 days (45 day bulk) so I think its just luck

I had a 45 day and 30 day come back to me in less than 9 days recently.

dang idk what’s up then… I hope I didn’t forget to write the service level on the outside of the box >.<

It doesn’t matter teraz. It’ll come back to you quicker than the level you paid for.

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My latest 10-day submission went like this:

8/10/17 - physically received and signed for by PSA
8/16/17 - actually logged into their system as “Received”
8/21/17 - grades logged into their system
8/22/17 - marked as shipped

So there were two weekends between when they physically received this and shipped it out today…but when the submission actually got entered into their system + then shipped there was one weekend in between and technically they turned it around in 4 business days. This timeline is consistent with my previous submission last month; 10-day service got back to me in less than 14 total days.

I have another 10-day submission that just went out today and i’ll post in this thread if that actually exceeds 14 total days in the hands of PSA or not (would be surprised if it did) but as Not Zelda stated above they are really good about turning around an order in less total business days than the service level you paid for, in my experience.

Luck of the draw I guess

Except when it doesn’t.

They are horribly inconsistent with all of this. It is pretty ridiculous. Most times you get bulk back early, sometimes ridiculously early, but bulk goes late from time to time. Most times you get your service level back in time, but sometimes you don’t and that is REALLY frustrating. I have literally had a lower average turnaround time from my BULK than I have for my 5 DAY turnaround orders over the last 3. By far.

Last three bulk orders: 5 biz days, 3 biz days, 8 biz days. 5.33 day average on 45 days service level is great.

Last three 5 day orders: 14 biz days*, 7 biz days, 4 biz days 8.33 day average on 5 day service that were sent together with the bulks?!?!? WTF PSA.

*(it was a card reviewed from PSA 9 to PSA 7 and required special conversation, but still the first phone call to me wasn’t until biz day 10)


I finally signed up for my PSA subscription knowing full well the inconsistencies and delays often associated with their services.

Their business model of lets leave these boxes here and only check them in once we are ready to start the timer is terrible and can even be considered shady. X-Day turnaround doesn’t mean shit when they can start the timer whenever they please.

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100% agree. I’ve had a same day turnaround grading order some time ago. It only took them 1 day from the moment it was entered in their system until shipping but 4 days from receipt of package to entering in their system.
So technically it was a 5 day turnaround and I paid the same-day fee.

PSA MUST change it and start the turnaround time the moment they receive the package!

Order I recently submitted took them 10 business days from the day the package arrived for them to start the processing stage. I thought this was slower than usual too.

I don’t know how you do it, my last 4 bulk orders AFTER scanned in were 30 biz days, 22 biz days and sitting at 11 and 16 days for ones I currently have at PSA. Congrats on those times, that is an absurd average.

I send them in with another small order that is 10 or 5 biz days service time. What is annoying is that I send cards that I really need back quickly on the 5 day and my bulk beats them back most times! All that while the 5 day goes late! They really are incompetent when it comes to handling the orders and deciding which to grade first. I am on the phone with them now at day 9 of yet another late 5 day sub. Nothing special about this, just 7 high dollar cards I wanted to properly value and get back quickly. My bulk for this same shipment hasn’t graded yet either though.

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Just curious as I was thinking of doing a combined order submission soon - what do you write on the outside of the box? “5-Day” AND “30-Day”? only “5-Day”? only “30-Day”? Or nothing at all?

“Live bees” might help… or not

And from their website: CLEARLY MARK the TURNAROUND TIME on the outside of the package. This will expedite the process of your order. If you have MULTIPLE SERVICES in one box, please mark the outside of the box with the fastest turnaround time.

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@hypernova you write the fastest turnaround time of all included orders.

The fastest service in the submission. For example, you have a 10-day, a 45-day and a 5-day, you write ‘5 DAY’ outside the box with all the orders.

Update: my bulk order was just logged today. Received 8/11 and added into system 8/23, 12 total days for it to even get logged, new record-long ime.

Here’s to hoping the actual grading timeframe is quick like others have reported!

Just have to be patient, yeah, i had a few orders which took around 15-20 days to get logged into the website, i understand they are busy, so whatever, i just wait it out, all good.

If i minus my order numbers / submission numbers in the last few months, psa is grading roughly:
3860! new submissions in the last 30 days.


18493! new order numbers in the last 30 days.

might not
be accurate the minus order numbers against dates, but, maybe a rough indication of the crazy quantities of orders in the last 30 days.

Maybe Gary can vouge if these numbers sound accurate for 30 days.