PSA Submission Tips

How do you prepare your cards for PSA submission…from beginning to mailing?

You may have some tips to share with newer members here that could help them avoid mistakes. Plus some of you “experts” may even learn something;)

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Try not to handle the card a lot before submission. Mistakes do happen. If you think it is PSA 10 quality, don’t keep touching it 10 times a day…

Here is how I submit all my cards which is designed to help protect from PSA employee mishandling. Maybe this is why they never get damaged;)
Note the special grading card sleeves which assures easy removal so edge and corner finger chips don’t occur.


Why in card savers if I may be so naive to ask.

Prevents the card from moving at all. You can’t even shake a card saver and get a card(which is inside a sleeve) to move.
No slipping and sliding when stacked, which happens when cards are stacked just in sleeves.

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Hrm, I wonder why people get toploaders then…

Yes…milhouse is right. A sleeved card cannot shift in a cardsaver.

My system, though a little expensive and time consuming, is the best way to send in your cards because the cards will be handled in such a way that it is very unlikely they will get finger nicked by the PSA employees.

Also, in your package there should NEVER be any trace of rubber bands or tape.

Anybody else have a tip?

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What do you use to stop your cards from moving around in the package you send to PSA?
I am assuming you use bubble wrap and/or foam peanuts, but I think using just those would still allow movement. Do you use a self constructed cardboard box inside or something?

@pokemontrader I think people get toploaders for cards they want to keep relatively ‘nice’ but don’t want to send them for grading. I used to use toploaders a lot, and when I did use them it was sleeve + toploader, but I rarely use them at all now.

I wrap the brick of cards in a sheet of bubble wrap then wrapped in Saran Wrap. Secure then ready to open.

I pretty much follow this Youtube guy:

Submission forms:


I always use Card Savers as they are really recommended for a reason; the cards do not move around. And always make sure not to put elastics too tight.

Recently, I have been thinking about PSA.

Could someone tell me how much it is to get 1 card graded if you are non-member? Do they charge more if a card gets a 10? I went to the website, but it was having some issues and only a cached version was available.

One card could cost you appx 30.00usd plus shipping from you to them. In that 30.00 includes 18.50 return shipping from them to a USA address. One card really doesn’t make sense unless it’s the rarest pokemon card on the planet like the SQUARE CUT, NO STAGE BLASTOISE;)
Fees are not affected by grading result.

Ok that helps clear things up, thanks.