PSA grading help?

Just wondering what the best way to ship out a single or 100 cards to PSA is? I’m a noob to getting cards graded xD any help would be very much appreciated. I have plenty more questions about grading so please be patient with me :blush:

Bulk is better unless the single card is worth a ton

There are some good videos on YouTube and PSA gives thorough shipping instructions. Order card savers and put the cards in penny sleeves and then in card savers. Then I wrapped my card sleeved stacks in bubble wrap taped together. The more cards you send in generally the cheaper. One card is freaking expensive because you pay shipping to PsA, $17 to grade it, then $24 to ship it back because PSA has lumped shipping fees.

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Oh wow I completely forgot to even check youtube on guides xD I just spent the last hour watching videos! Thank you for the replies!

Would you guys recommend me sending in cards that I know are in really bad condition to get graded? I have a collection that I will be sending in the future (100+) but not all of them are 8-10 quality. I really don’t want to spend the money to buy better version (some are pricey). Should I just send it in? xD

Generally spoken you only grade 2 types of cards:
Those that you keep forever and those that you can resell easily


Mmm I guess I’m trying to grade a 3rd type of cards then xD

The ones where I keep forever and if it need be, ones I can resell easily. So I’m kind of in a pickle.

In the bigger picture…with this 3rd type…I am stuck between Beckett and PSA. I love the slabs for Beckett but PSA seems to dominate the overall selling market.

Any input would be very lovely :blush:


Never use tape anywhere inside a box/mailer.
PSA employees, and me, HATE it. How do you think they get the tape off the bubble wrap? BLADES and YANKING which can cause residual damage,
Put them in an envelope or wrap them in Saran Wrap or anything but tape.

Cards you will keep forever Becketts is fine. If there is ever a chance you’ll sell them then you’ll lose a lot with Becketts.

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There are no cards that you keep forever. :blush: You will sell the card eventually, whether it takes 5, 10, or 20 years. You may sell it or your children or your children’s children. So I recommend to bite the bullet now and just go bl**dy PSA.


Ah I never thought of that. Thanks for mentioning that. I figured the tape on the outside of a large roll of bubble wrap would be fine and I’m sure it was but the saran wrap is a much better idea. I know they recommend rubber bands but those seems to bend the cards a bit and apply pressure on the outside cards. I’m too nervous to do rubber bands.

Right on regarding rubber bands brother. They are nasty for sure;)

If a card is PSA graded already, could I send it again to PSA to get it recased while keeping the same grade?

Why would you do that?

Hi @xtubby, yes you can do that. PSA offers an option called reholder which is at a lower price than regular grading cost. They will take the cards you submit and put them in fresh cases for you. Hope that helps!

I have OCD and there is one graded card that has the older version label? And it is bothering me lol

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Ah yes thank you so much! Exactly what I was hoping to hear!! xD

Which old holder? The one with the square hologram sticker?

Yes that’s the one!! I have 2 of them with those squares and the rest without lol. Didn’t know which one was the older one