PSA Grading Prices

I am putting this thread in Price Guide Discussion because I have had multiple questions and false statements about PSA that should be cleared up so everyone knows the deal.

First, PSA is expensive as hell! Most people think it is cheaper to get a card graded then it is to buy one that is already graded. I thought about that when I sent in my last order which cost $550.

-In order to grade a card one must first pay $100 flat rate membership fee.
-You have to pay $15 per card that you want graded.
-You must purchase “Card Saver 1’s” and penny sleeves to send your cards in.
-You have to pay your shipping and return shipping (minimum of $22).
-Also, if you want a service for cards worth above $500, you are going to triple the fee’s per card.

The kicker is that you are not guaranteed the grade you think you should receive. You can spend the money and end up with a 7 or 8 grade which leaves your card at face value while also completely wasting your time, money and effort.

Most cards do not receive 9 mint or 10 gem mint unless they are completely flawless. My experience of grading hundreds of cards is that they have reinforced standards. I have never had a wtf moment.

So, if you still believe that it is cheaper to grade a card than purchase one graded, consider the facts before investing.

Ha pssshh I wish it was cheaper. Thats the one thing keeping me from grading all my cards…I would go broke! it cost nearly $90 just to get one card graded (My SSB). Was it worth it? Every penny, but I just can’t afford to do all of my cards. I would much rather use the money towards new things for my collection. I know I will get that No.1 graded as soon as it arrives however I know it will not grade a 10. Brian, said it had a very small, faint scratch on the surface of the card when tilted in the light the right way. So i’m just getting it graded to preserve it more or less. Lets hope they don’t tilt it :stuck_out_tongue: Personally it is much better to buy pre-graded because you don’t have to send it out or wait, you know what the results were from the grading and if you get a fair price its more than worth it!


Are you having crap experiences with PSA?

I don’t really know what you mean about the grading itself. I mean surely the whole point is that only completely flawless cards get a 10? The controversy (for cards out of a booster) is that technically all of them should get a 10 out of the packet but of course they wouldn’t.

I guess my ‘strategy’ with PSA makes sense then; only grade the rarest cards, and then only for the protection

I am the same Mike! I grade my most valuable cards for protection, but it is expensive as hell :confused:

I really don’t care about the grade, it is a plus, the protection is my value as well!

Its definitely worth the money just to sleep easier knowing they are protected. If it gets a 9 or a 10 thats just a bonus! :blush:

Exactly… So Scott, what were you trying to grade that it came to that much?

Well I am doing a base set for a friend (who paid) I am not that good of a friend :wink: But those took up most of the order, along with a few duplicate base cards that I will probably sell to get some money back.

I am going to do my tropical winds next order. Probably get the 2001 one graded!

Making much more sense now. Is there no bulk order discount? That’s silly…

I guess though from ebirdman’s lot that it’s hard to shift these… I mean no one is going to pay $10,000 but I doubt he has any decent offers either :confused:

That is with the bulk price :confused:

I will probably list them individually and not expect anything close to ed’s WTF prices. Mine are all unlimited but will end up mostly 9’s so won’t be expecting too much.

Oh and Mike who graded your card for you? $90 is a lot of money for one card. I usually charge a 3rd of that and just put the card in with an order I am sending out.

I got it graded myself…25 to overnight it 35 to actually get it graded then psa charges like 23 to send it back. So more like 73 total I guess

Oh wow! I am always flabbergasted by the return shipping. They send mine back priority and it costs me $23 but i don’t know what they are spending the extra $10+ on.

Scott, you grade so many cards you should call them on it. If its costing like $10 per card (surely not?) then that’s a lot of extra cash they’re taking from you right there.

Well the shipping is the issue. If I had a small business in selling cards I could declare PSA as a service and pay a whopping $0. I am assuming that is what Ed and Gary do, guys who have career’s and do the cards on the side, aka the good life :blush:

They already made 35 off me to grade it…so they should not gouge on shipping

I agree. I think majority of their customers know how to right off their services on taxes. I need to hang around more 40-50 year olds so I can figure out those short cuts.

Basically I think that why the fee’s stay high is because people know how to write them off, which is a win win for everyone, except the government :blush:

I don’t understand - in the USA, is there a concept of a sole trader? (Do you have to start a company to run a business?)

If not, you can call it whatever you want, practically have no documentation and get $0!

Well you have to claim taxes as a business. The rules for ebay/paypal to file a 1099 tax form are $20,000 earned in a year and also 200 individual sales. Most people who sell moderately or not often do not claim taxes. There are way too many people to track so that is why the standard for the 1099 is what it is.

And I am not 100% on everything, but there are so many loopholes and ridiculous ways to get around taxes. One of my favorite restaurants is here in Florida and they only accept cash, business is more than good and their walls are covered with autographed memorabilia. The walls literally are worth over $1,000,000. They invest their earnings on purchases that will hold value and they are not traceable since it is all in cash.

As a whole the system is overly complicated an favors the wealthy. Who gets screwed the most on taxes are the people who earn under $80,000 a year. Also, usually the people in higher positions know and are qualified for shortcuts that lower income earners are not.

and firms like mine are helping people avoid taxes :confused:

Maybe just ask Ed how he does it? He might not want to give away his secrets but I’m guessing you’re in contact with him anyways, so…

haha yes I am. I will send him a message, I don’t know why I haven’t done this before!

wow then you might as well just buy yourself a graded card instead of getting yours graded if its that much.i did know about the fee to become a member but thats still alot already