PSA Card Grading Questions

Hi, i have about 200 japanese and rare holo cards that i am fairly sure should get a PSA 9 or 10 rating but i have never used this company before and have a few questions regarding PSA.
I noticed the PSA Grading Service thread but i would prefer to learn to do this myself for now so i would appreciate any help and advice given.

  1. Which page and services do i need? Im UK based and only want to sell Pokemon cards but at first look it only seems to be baseball cards but i know people use them for other cards like Pokemon. I have been on ebay and most cards i would be sending them sell for £50 to £95 each with PSA grades.

  2. I have seen a few posts that each card sent costs me $10 (About £7.51) which is quite a cost for sending 200 cards (About £1,502), is there a cheaper way to send large amounts of cards?

  3. I also have about 100 cards that are valued about £20 to £30 each with PSA grades however some were purchased for up to £15 each so i would probably make a loss, are cards like this still worth bothering with PSA wise or should i only be looking at sending them the £50+ cards?

  4. Are there additional charges to non USA based people? Is anyone else from the UK sending to the PSA that have done this before?

  5. Is there anything else i should know or tips for sending to the PSA and selling afterwards?

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PSA offers a range of grading services and fees. Best thing to do is pay for a PSA Membership which lasts for a year, by doing so will give you access to member only PSA monthly specials. For example this month’s special is $6 USD per card for a minimum of 25 cards. Means you need to send in a required 25 cards to be legible for this offer.

No additional fees for Internationals that I know of. I’m Australian by the way. You just need to be aware of your country’s import goods tax for when goods are mailed to you from other countries.

Also there is a youtuber call Ludkins Collectibles who does a PSA service for Europeans. @smpratte and @ozenigma both do PSA services. Hope this helps you fellow collector and God Speed!

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There isn’t any additional charges for international members, but the pricing is different.

I would suggest a Gold Level membership (the higher level isn’t needed). That costs $149.00US from memory.

The postage is also more expensive for international orders. The cheapest return postage from PSA to you is submitting more than 60 cards in an order. If you can achieve that, it works out to be $1.25US per card return.

Best of luck, don’t forget to factor in import fees. PSA mark the packages as the cost of the grading (the shipping is marked as $0.00)