Should I get a PSA membership?

@cljdavis Maybe Graded Groudon can help you out :wink:

I’ve taken my own membership because after shipping calculations etc. it was mere pennies saving on each card doing it myself or using a service like GG’s or SM’s.

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Calculate the cost using both methods then pick the one that you’re most comfortable with.
Keep in mind, PSA membership is good for a year so you can submit more cards plus free grades come with your membership:)

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I would also recommend being realistic about every cost involved. For example, consider the insurance you will and will not have with a service versus doing it yourself. Consider your risk tolerance. Consider the costs of potential future submissions. Heck, factor in the PSA magazine and free grades.

Domestically, it’s a different equation, but you’re going to incur a lot of costs overseas that are easy to overlook. So be particularly thorough! :blush: I know multiple people who signed up overseas and when a single thing went wrong (import duties, rejected packaged, damages in transit) they took a massive financial bath.

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. If the savings are significant enough, definitely do what feels right. But also don’t end up being one of those people who takes on a shit ton of risk just to save a couple bucks. Those guys always get screwed in the long run.


I’ve done the math involved but estimated the shipping costs and I can safely say ludkins is going to be the cheapest you can get if submitting over 50 cards but under 200. Buying a PSA membership from the UK is only really viable when sending over 200 cards as that’s around the point at which you are saving money compared to the £8 from ludkins.


I think I will be getting a membership in the near future, but I’m curious as to what goes into sending cards to PSA.

Mainly how much time does it take, while I know it will be worth my time with large orders, I think people in the US underestimate past grading services, like what Silver Snorlax did.
I had just sent my first cards for grading and it costed me $99 for 11 cards shipped small flat rate box, so $105 total. While that might be a lot per card, he had a rewards program before, and I did have to wait a very long time, but all I did was message him on Youtube, and send the cards.