New PSA membership question

Ok so I’m getting ready to get my own PSA membership and get a bunch of cards graded soon. I was wondering if anyone knows if I were to buy the premium membership that gives you 15 “free” (haha) gradings at the 7 day turnaround and then I wanted to grade an additional say 10-15 cards at the $10 , 30 day turn around, would I have to pay two sets of shipping so they could ship one set of cards back to me at 7 days and the other at 30 or how does that work? Thanks!

You will have to fill in a separate submission form for each group (free and paid) and each will require separate shipping fees. As far as I know, PSA won’t combine them and will ship them back to you separately.

Gotcha ok bummer well that will add some shipping cost I wasn’t planning. Can I ship them together to them at least? Thanks so much for your help by the way!

Yes you can ship them to PSA together.

I’m also hoping there’s a way to combine them when being shipped back to you. One of our members here (Not Zelda Gilroy) can perhaps comment on this. You can put a shipping hold on a submission so you can check the labels before the cards are returned to you. But I don’t think you can put a shipping hold on a submission with the intent of combining it with another submission for return shipping.

Good luck on your submissions. Cheers!

Ok well thanks for chiming in! I appreciate the help!

Anyone ever gotten cards graded through Silversnorlax, a guy on youtube. He charges $8/card or $11/card (with insurance) and both include shipping from him to psa and back to you. Of course it can take like a couple months. Idk I’d really like to do my own membership but I would save a lot being patient and going through him.

They are required to insure every package in the off chance it gets lost. Only the more expensive shipping methods have insurance as an option.

The cheapest usps method for one graded card is first class which is typically $7-10. But this service is not insurable.

What would you do if the item were lost or damaged? That is what they want to avoid as most customers would be upset if their cards were damaged and couldn’t get any money in return.

That wouldn’t hold up if you were to process a formal claim against them though. Haha.

This is kind of misleading (Actually less so than I remember it being, I think it was edited between when I wanted to reply and when I did reply). They do send the packages Express International and not priority mail. And further, these rates are not unreasonable for USPS Express International in a large box. They’re pretty much what USPS charges for that kind of shipping (which comes hella fast :stuck_out_tongue:)

The shipping is the way it is likely because they use the same packaging/boxes for all orders big and small. Using the same materials and size box (large flat rate express box) streamlines shipping so they can get everything out a lot sooner. They have sooooo many boxes to ship out each day I’m sure, if they were shipping out large boxes, small boxes, envelopes, packages, all kinds of things to accommodate individual cheap card returns then it would be a total mess.

If you’re grading a couple cards the shipping cost is huge, but once you’re grading more than just a handful of cards, the cost is a lot more reasonable. I’ve always been really happy with their shipping, it arrives extremely fast to me in Canada. And I always send larger orders to avoid losing a lot of money on shipping. I even sign up for the better membership since it comes with 15 free grades instead of like 7ish. Makes it more efficient for return shipping.

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Four of the last six years, the shipping department has assumed a net loss which far exceeded the pittance made the other two years. So…the prices are fair for the service provided.
Now Bags’ want of a cheaper service isn’t unreasonable but I think Jason touched on it that it would adversely affect the entire process and prices would have to go up for the vast majority of customers.
Hope that makes sense?