Grading For Other People

Is it a smart idea to accept cards from other forum users and send them, either to PSA or Beckett, to have them graded? I’ve never done it before, and the process seems really smooth, but I feel like there could be a lot of trouble.

It is not a big deal as long as nothing gets lost in the mail.

Oh, okay. That’s what I figured.

What should I charge the person? Double the grading cost and shipping or what?

I usually charge $25, that is for the regular service. That also includes domestic shipping and everything. Ultimately you are going to make the rates so it is up to you.

Just a heads up, PSA is backed up with orders so it will take longer than expected for them to return.

$25? That’s a good profit :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now, I’d break it down like this:
$6 (monthly special right now for PSA) for grade - x2
$2 shipping there
$2 return shipping
total = $16 - I make a $6 profit :grin:

Yeah they are backed up my turnaround time on my last order was about 3x what it normally is unfortunately. They’re also slow to update when orders arrive lately, my tracking will show the item as delivered but they won’t add my order to their site for another few days whereas they used to be immediate.

Edit: Beware that the turnaround time will be really really long if you choose that bulk method. It is cheap but your buyers might not be happy.

Edit 2: Scott beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

If you do that you will not get the cards back for 3 months. I charge $25 and give the regular grade ($15) which is 15 business days. You could do it with the monthly special but you will have to let them know it will take 3 months to return.

Oh crap, 3 months. That’s way long. I’d rather just do the $10 special with a 10 day turnaround. Thanks for letting me know that they are that backed up!

Yes, I experienced the exact same thing Jason. Your order arrived but they don’t post it on their site until a week later. And then you have to wait the amount of business days according to when it was posted on the site. :confused:

Exactly! Thankfully I paid for the 3 business day grading on the Pikas :blush: The suspense would have killed me.

Also I hope this is a phase that passes for them, they’ve been great in the past and I can live with this but it would be better if they could catch up.