First PSA submission questions

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This is my first time posting on efour. I am getting ready to do my first psa submission. My question is should I pay for a membership or go through another person who already has a membership and will send them off and organize them for me? I am only 45 minutes away from psa in California so when I think about sending them off to somebody who is farther than psa is from me it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. How many cards do I need to be sending off to make a psa membership worth it? I appreciate any input you all can provide!

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PSA is closed right now due to the coronavirus. I assume you know, but wanted to be sure.

Pricing is easy to calculate what makes the most sense. Look into Ludkins rates as well as PSA rates. With Ludkins it is just the rate multiplied by the number of cards plus your shipping cost to get to them. With PSA it’s membership (yearly) + rate * cards + return shipping + shipping to them. If you submit low quantities Ludkins will almost certainly your best bet I would imagine, it even works for me at a higher volume. They are the forums official grading service of choice and run by our own @funmonkey54.


Hey! You should check out Ludkins.

There is no amount of cards that you can submit to PSA that makes it a better price than Ludkins. I’m happy to walk through all the benefits and show the price comparison tables!

I’ll shoot you a DM! :blush:


Can vouch and so can many others, just did a 430 card sub with them and sending more once PSA opens back up


This goes without saying, but heres another +1 for @funmonkey54 and Ludkins. Not only will you get the best bang for your buck, but they also will help prescreen your cards so that you have an idea of what grades you might see going into the submission, that way if you choose to take some cards back youd be able to do so. All and all, for a first time submission I wouldnt recommend anyone else :blush:


I would use Ludkins for sure.

Who is Ludkins? How to contact him?

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I wonder if we’ll ever see a drop in grading times again? Wait times were getting so long (before they closed) I didn’t even want to send my cards in because I’m just a small-time collector and I like having my cards around too much to want chunks of them missing for 6 months.

Now that PSA is closed it’s a moot point obviously, just wondering in general … I had a PSA subscription but I can’t imagine renewing it ever again unless they eventually bounce back with shorter wait times. And I know with training etc. that’s probably not realistic.

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Get a membership for the Pokémon quarterly specials and all other times of the year submit with ludkins

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