good or bad psa experiences ?

Hey guys. I have a lot of really expensive cards I want to send to psa. this would be my first ever sending with them and to be honest…I’m quite nervous!
I have read that some people get their cards damaged by psa and end up getting a low grade. How often Does this happen if it does ? Have any of you ever experienced this ?

Please comment below of your experiences with grading with psa, good or bad ! It would help me out! Thanks in advance

I’ve been sending cards to PSA for over 10 years and my experience has been very positive. I’ve never had a card damaged by PSA. The great majority of the cards I’ve sent in, came back with the grade I thought they’d receive or higher. I wouldn’t worry about sending in higher value cards, I think PSA will do a good job of taking care of them. The highest value for an ungraded card I’ve sent in was around $1500.

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I’ve had nothing but good experiences with PSA and would say sending in your cards is a great idea.

Ok thank you for answering ! it helped a lot.

Okay good ! I already ordered the platinum membership so I get 15 free submissions. Just been really scared of sending them in. But thank you for answering! It put my mind at ease some ! :blush:

Had 1 bad experience with PSA(I believe that 1 of my cards was damaged while in PSA hands), but I definitely would not stop using them, the rest of my experience with them has been amazing.

When I first sent in my cards I was nervous too :blush:

Personally I’ve graded several extremely expensive trophy cards that were in the thousands each and some even in the high thousands. Everything went fine so you shouldnt worry too much what some people on here say about PSA.

Some of the most valuable cards of the sports world have been authenticated and graded by PSA. I don’t have the slightest worry sending in my own Pokemon cards but I should point out that I believe one of my cards was damaged in their hands (but I cannot prove it). They really are great people and will work with you if you have any issues.

The few times I’ve sent to PSA I’ve been pleasantly surprised. All cards I think are in 10 condition are and likewise if I think they’d get a 9

Yeah I Saw that and I know aome other people that have said psa has damaged one of tgeir cards. If you don’t mind me asking…how many cards did u send in all at once when that card got damaged ? How many cards did you send in in the order?

Hmm how bad was it damaged? And how many cards did u send into them at that time on that order when that card got damaged if you don’t mind me asking?

Well thats good to know ! :blush: thank you :blush:

You have nothing to worry about. The handful of damaged cards mentioned were most likely occurred during shipment.

I have personally graded thousands of cards and have never had an issue. I had a couple minor chipped cases, which were the result of shipping.


I’ve graded I think somewhere around 700 cards. I’ve been very happy so far!

There was one order where two of my cards graded PSA 10 and were flawless when I sent them, but when they came back to me they had some sort of surface indentation on them. So somehow they must have been damaged in slabbing or between grading and encapsulation. I’m sure I didn’t miss the indentation and I’m sure PSA didn’t either when they grade it a 10.

We’re talking about a really minor surface indentation on two cheap ($15) cards (graded in a row in an order of about 100 cards). Out of grading 700 cards I can’t complain, but those are still a mystery to me!

In the end, it’s up to you! If you would like your cards graded, then go for it! If you don’t want them encapsulated then don’t grade them. As for mistakes/damage, I’ve trusted sending cards all the way up to an Illustrator (twice) and PSA doesn’t let me down…except on bulk turnaround times :wink:

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That is really the only complaint I would have with PSA. If you send cards in bulk service you better have bulk time for their return! Those 45-50 day return rates can end up being a solid 3 months. This is sometimes due to the fact that when your package arrives at PSA, it might not get entered in the system for a week or two.


Yeah it’s mostly the delay between arrival and updating in the system that is really frustrating for me. It used to be 1 day just a couple years ago, now it can be a couple weeks easy.

But honestly, if I’m using the 'el cheapo bulk service then I can’t really complain about turnaround times which they do advertise as estimates only :blush:

Yeah i am definitely going to send in my cards to be graded! Thanks for you input, it helped alot! :blush:

I am going to get my cards graded :)Turn around time shouldnt be to bad for me since its my first 15 free submissions, on the site it says that the turnaround time for that is 7 days? Thats really good for me if thats true lol :wink:

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Yeah im getting the 15 free submissions, i coulda swore they said turnaround time for that is 7 days so thats not bad. Cant complain there :blush:

Yep the free submissions are 7 days. Iv got a 15 card voucher but no cards to send.

The only bad experiences I have had are the cards getting the wrong grades so I end up sending multiple times to get the grade the card deserved in the first place but other than that theres no complaints from me.

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