PSA damaged a card - has this happened to anyone else?

Hello, I’ve been a fan of this forum for a while and never posted before. Been collecting since 2013, and recently submitted some cards to PSA. That being said, after thoroughly documenting my cards prior to sending them out, and inspecting them after grading, I find that one of the cards shows signs of damage. The card in question is a 1st Edition Rainbow Energy Holo from Team Rocket… the front of the card was super minty (pack fresh from my own booster box), with perfect centering and zero smudging or white spots. Needless to say the card came back a PSA 8 with small scratches on the holo with smudging on the face. The back of the card has 2 obvious spots that look almost like wax.
I’m at a loss for words and have emailed the customer service dept at PSA. We’ll see what they say, but I have a feeling they turned a potential PSA 10 card (prob worth over $1,200 right now) to a sub $20 card…

Has anyone experienced this before with PSA? I made an Instagram post on this (look up pokedreamer) and Joe Orlando blocked me :angry:

I heard of this happening before, not much that can be done tbh. It is not like the damage can be reversed. Still a shitty thing if it is true on PSA’s part.

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There are complaints like this fairly often. If you did document the cards before and after, it should be no issue that you post the pictures of the cards so we can see the damage. The issue is that even when people take photos of their cards, they are often insufficient to determine whether the damage was there before or not. If you have this, you should also send this documentation to PSA as it might help you, but I doubt they would do anything since they didn’t acknowledge damaging the card to begin with.

Personally I feel like a lot of these complaints are from people who didn’t review their cards thoroughly enough before grading, but it is well-documented that PSA occasionally damages cards. It is a risk that you take with grading.


In this case the card was documented well before. Here’s the instagram link:

also here for the back of the card

It is what it is at this point, my concern is that I have a bunch of cards in their hands and the trust is lost.
We shall see what the others come back as once this whole CV passes. I hope you all are doing well and safe BTW…

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Why did Joe Orlando block you lol? That sounds so childish.


Granted, he’s not a customer service agent, but you’d think as a higher up you’d reach out to a paying customer who was simply asking a question… Apparently they just block people on social media who don’t praise them in every post. :unamused:

I’m trying to justify why or how the damage was done, maybe a mad rush to get cards out before the shutdown? Who knows

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No one to call lol they’re fully shut down right now

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sent them an email with the same photos I posted on instagram. We shall see what comes of this. I’m just gonna look at it as a loss.
I have 20 high value cards in their offices right now just sitting since January. Once everything opens back up and they grade those, I’ll see how I feel about their current state of grading. A lot of first edition team rocket cards and a few base set 1st editions. =/

Is it me or are some raw cards selling more than graded 9s lately…

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@tcarusty I remember a time when he submitted a card and it came back a 6 or lower. he said it looked like they dropped it on the floor and scraped the holo across the floor.


@jcincy101 can answer this question


Can you post a pic of the results from your PSA?

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Hey Gary, check a few posts up on this thread I have my Instagram photos attached.

FYI the card came back an 8. It was a 10 contender for sure when I sent it…

Sad to heard this crap happened, hope it resolves.

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I didn’t see the submission result page with all the cards in the sub. Could you show that?

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My tropical wind came back with a speck of whitening it didn’t have before sending. Just goes to show you the level of care PSA use…


I’m guessing the grade was lowered because of the damage they inflicted?

It came back a PSA 9 which is what I was expecting in the first place. It did have potential to be a 10, was just the front centering letting it down just a tiny bit. Just annoying that it was a crazy clean example which you really don’t come across these days :slightly_frowning_face:

Here are the scans of the card off PSAs site. I don’t have any photos to hand… They really need to clean their scanner, looks dusty af on the back photos…

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It’s just scary how we go through all these precautions to make sure our cards are safe and then when these people get their paws on them they damage them. It’s not like they can undo the damage, and what they’ll give you fair market value for the card in a PSA 10 condition if you raise a case? Let me finish putting on my clown makeup.

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