PSA Grading Prices

Exactly! People who don’t know the fee’s and ever little expensive required think it is cheaper to grade a card.

You need to get accountant/finance/tax/etc. friends out of college to help you out.

40-50 year olds… how old do you think I am???

haha well people of that age have been doing it so long and know how to cut corners. I have a good amount of accountant/finance friends but most of them talk out of their asses, especially the finance one’s, outrageous ego’s :confused:

Welcome to my world! (actually, actuaries tend to be geeky but nice, so it’s a lot better).

Finance dudes on the other hand suck. A lot.

Yes! It is pretty similar here! A lot of kids go into accounting because they don’t know what they want to do. But the finance majors are just giant douche’s. One guy I knew, who I wouldn’t consider a friend is 24 and works in chicago, probably makes maybe $50,000 a year, which is not much for chicago living.

Anyway all this guy talks about is buying a condo and how his portfolio is diversified. He probably learned the word diversified 6 months ago, it is a sad existence :confused:

i hear what ya mean finance major people are big douche’s.had a friend who knows someone in that field he just became an ass and thinking hes higher than everyone else cause he wears a suit and all

Yes! That is pretty much what it boils down too, the unqualified pomposity, similar to the Jersey Shore douches.

oh god dont remind me of the Jersey Shore people those guys are half idiots half pathetic.shows how much people go nuts over a whole house of dumb people that let the popularity get the best of them.

Yes! I guess mtv does not care how dumb their shows are as long as they get the ratings they do.

But maybe the PSA staff were finance majors which is why the prices are as high as they are :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I was making this up

Oh no! It is spreading!

Um… its getting worse. I mean, this is northerners who think they are it (but seriously, eeeeeeeeeeeeew, they’re not even good looking) who are being paid to act like… urgh

Hey that’s where I live!

Don’t stereotype me with the people you see on that show though :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh wow, small world!!

I live in Fenham, very close to St James Park :open_mouth:


Hang on - am I hearing this right? You’re defending Geordie Shore? Really?

They should let the cast from the show go abroad to jersey shore, have a little meeting of the minds. Discuss how they can repopulate the earth with their new orange race.


don’t even joke about that!

-Is it $100 flat rate membership every time you want to send some cards in or is it just a one off to be a member?

  • What are card savers and penny sleeves, got any links to some?

I would love to get some of my rarer cards graded but I’m in the UK, does that make any difference? I would hate if the cards got lost and/or damaged in the post or will they be 100% safe and secure? It’s a big risk if sending in almost £1k worth of cards?

Just out of curiousty, say a card got a low grade (no more than 7) could you take it out of the PSA grading case if really wanted?

It is definitely possible to get them out of the cases. I have had to do that a couple times.

The only difference in sending in something from the UK is you pay higher return shipping. Other than that everything is the same as far as fee’s go.

You also have to buy “Card Saver 1’s” to put your cards in. You have to put them in a penny sleeve then in the card saver 1 when shipping to psa.

So common Toploader isnt sufficient for them?