Super secret battle

Someone from Germany Sent Ludkin a super secret battle trainer to get graded and it landed a 10.

Input jelly below.


@smpratte Do you have one of these? If not, I think you better get on this…

I have the full set:


Ehh I had the opportunity in the past but passed. The copies I own have a sentimental background.


Of course you do -__-


@thorgene Literally exactly what I thought when he said that.

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Wait so someone sent him that for free?

I still don’t understand why people block out the serial numbers… Sigh…
Yes it prevents people from making fake ebay listings, but if you have the real card, you can get them shut down anyways…

They sent it to him to have it graded :blush: then he sends the card back

Ohhh I get it now. So he’s a silver snorlax type of poketuber. Gotcha :wink:

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while we’re on epic cards, check out this guy pulling a 1st edition base charizard

in his latest vid he gets it graded a 10 by PSA

I have a feeling that guy weighed his packs when he opnened up his 1st ed booster box. I dont really trust him since he sells his weighed packs like 1st ed neo destiny and others slowly on ebay. doesnt mention they are weighed even though clearly he mentions it in a video. Shady guy.

he mentioned before his series that he bought these packs from a friend, and said his friend sold him the 12 heaviest packs from a box he opened, doesnt take anything away from the coolness in my eyes

Why someone with a card worth this much wouldn’t send it to PSA themselves is beyond me.


They usually do that to save on PSA fees. Not everyone can afford to get a membership.

If I have a card worth in the multiple thousands, then I think I am going to put some pennies away to send it myself.


Agreed, not worth the risk for a high value card like that.


I’m not trying to take from the “coolness”. I just know there are several people, especially here, looking for those cards. Just letting them know who they are dealing with. It’d be pretty naive to think someome sold him the weighed holos rather than him actually weighing g them given his track record

So I was curious to see if he had any 1st ed base set packs for sale. Here it is

Like I mentioned before he did it with every set he’s opened on his youtube. All the weighed packs he opens and then you’ll notice 1 or 2 or sometimes all the pack arts sit online. If he bought just weighed packs why is he selling first edition packs? It’s great he got psa 10s but the truth is he’s scamming people with the method he’s using. He’s purposely leaving out they are weighed and only selling a few packs at a time so no one can question the odds when they buy so few packs.

why do you care? just enjoy the pull, you don’t need to bring all that crap into it

edit; I think anyone buying 1st edition base packs in the hope theyre not weighed are the naive ones. you should always expect them to be weighed unless otherwise stated

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I like to inform people so they know who they are dealing with. You must have skipped over that when reading my post. although it would have been better placed in ebay garbage.