Grading services price question

So I recently went to nationals in Chicago and had a few of my packs sent in for grading. it cost 37$ per pack. Now I assume it would of cost me more if I had to ship to psa since they are located on the west coast and I am located in Michigan. My main question is does anyone know what the price would be per pack if I had a membership or went thru someone else who gets a discount? Thanks.

EDIT: PS: I had a guy told me he pays 14$ per pack and he is located in NY, but when I asked him about what membership or deal he has with psa he would not tell me.

It’s $14+$5 handling for any member. $35 if you actually declare it as high value item. I think you paid a bit too much, but you also have to pay for shipping and memberships are quite expensive so you might not have had much of a better deal from someone else.

From the website

Pack Authentication & Grading Prices

Packs must be submitted separate from cards on a PSA pack submission form.

Any pack with a declared value of $5,000 or higher -$250
1959 & PRIOR -$100
1960-1971 -$35
1972-PRESENT Any pack with a declared value of $250 or higher -$35
1972-PRESENT Any pack with a declared value under $249 -$14
REHOLDER (Re-encapsulation of PSA-graded pack) -$10

Note: A $5 handling fee is required for each Pack submission in addition to the grading fees.

problem with the website. they don’t give the form out for packs. I remember it had some extra fees for packs when I paid for it. wish I could find the receipt

Edit: you had to fill out different form than the card submission one, and it had different fee’s.

Other then shipping or the $5 handling fee?

Edit for your edit. Yes, there’s a different chart for packages. I pulled the info for booster grading instead of card grading.

i’ll hunt for the receipt so I can tell you exactly what it was.

Found the receipt and yeah I will never do it on my own again. got raped from the shipping, which is a joke looking back on it now. 14$ for the card +5$ handing fee, and 18$ for shipping when they send it back. what a joke that psa charges that much. I order stuff from cali all the time with tracking + insurance and most I have ever had to pay is ~ $4. I will defiantly be looking for a middle man to send packs in the future.

You didn’t get ripped off. That’s the standard shipping fee.

You should consider sending multiple packs at a time, that way shipping costs won’t hurt so bad.

This was at the psa booth for nationals a few months ago. they take the cards back with them to cali and I pay for shipping back. I would of been more I assume if I would of just mailed them off myself. But yes in the future I will be using a third party if I do send anymore packs off, because the shipping is outrageous.

yeah I know I paid the normal fees/amount still just blows my mind when talking with that guy from NY who says he only spent 14$ per pack. Like I was saying it is just not ideal for me personally to send anymore off in the future (which I never planned to anyways) without a middle man.

It is a lot of money to pay for PSA to bend and squish your previously mint pack into a plastic case, yes. But it is the going rate nonetheless.

Right on. Pitiful.

Why people are still grading packs is beyond me.

The way they fold the packs and squish them in those tiny holders makes me sick.

I can’t even fathom that PSA has not engineered a new style case for foil packs yet…


I’ve said before that they should try having 2 kinds of cases for boosters.