PSA Return Times

Yeah we shall see if they even cover me since I’m out of the 60 day period

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I definitely sympathize with your position, this shit had me feeling sick for days. Hope things work out for you!

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PSA is still looking at video but I just learned FedEx has a limit of $1,000 coverage on collectibles. Therefore unless PSA miraculously has it I’m losing big on this one. As a first time grader there is way more nuance to all this than I thought. To my understanding FedEx was the only way to insure my package. Now im learning if you read the fine print in their 160+ page guide that this is not true. No other service seemed to insurance collectibles so if anyone has a guide on how to send to PSA risk free I’d love to see it.

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I had the same question last year. What to do when faced with insurance limits? I learned about a service called Secrusus.


Third party insurance seems to be the best bet for actually covering loss like this. You may want to look into Collectinsure. I have a policy which thankfully have never needed, but I have heard firsthand accounts of people getting paid out on losses just like these (but I would recommend getting on the phone with them to discuss the policy as well).

And I hope this gets resolved in your favor one way or another!


Are you able to share your yearly cost for that insurance in terms of % of overall coverage amount?

I pay $78/year for coverage up to $10k in loss. Happy to share the sublimits and the policy info specific to shipping below too if that’s helpful for anyone:

Sections d. and e. are the relevant ones below:

USPS with signature is enough to get covered for up to $2,500 in loss, but for anything worth more than $2,500, FedEx with a signature is going to be the required courier in order to have full coverage.

And UPS is barely covered apparently.

Oh and I keep everything off-site ROBBERS.


Wow. I would have easily gotten this if I knew this was an option

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Just to say, I have never had to personally file a claim however I have heard second-hand that the filing process is a breeze and payouts happen pretty quickly. Anything has to be better than leaving it up to the Fedex/USPS overlords, though – definitely worth $78 a year for an extra sense of coverage IMO

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That is incredible, i didnt think about it in terms of loss before for some reason, but this is interesting.

With one 10k$ item.

USPS has no idea what your overall track record is, so they charge 1% PER shipment. From seller to you, from you to vault, from vault back to you, from you to buyer.

By going with this, youre paying 1% for multiple shipments in a row for that 10k item. Even if the item is lost instantly, it’s still cheaper.

It feels like a no brainier, as long as we can trust that they pay out. Even ignoring the regular insurance part and only considering shipping

What am i missing?

I don’t think you’re missing anything? It’s pretty similar to homeowners insurance, and I think in some cases you can even schedule collectibles on your HOI as well.

My main concern if a loss were to happen is how they actually value the items. That’s unfortunately a little hazy to me, but I could probably just get on the phone with them and ask.

Another update. FedEx claim got denied due being out of the 60 day period. Gonna try calling their customer service but this sucks because according to my view online PSA said they received the items…

It was an automatic denial. Called and they are escalating the case

This is why i dont get why sgc is hated on so bad. I never have to worry about being treated like crap from psa, having no response at all from beckett, or being upcharged like a mofo from cgc

My first submission with them under their TCG Bulk window was about 6 weeks in total.

I’m expecting the same with my current 35 card submission with them.

Alright good news. PSA are refunding me the full declared value on the lost cards. I asked what happened to the cards but I basically got a “we dont know”. My guess is they accidentally threw the cards away. The two sets of cards were packaged in the same box but seperate “piles”. While one got graded/ processed the others were prob still in the box when thrown away. Otherwise they could have been stolen along the process but they have cameras all over. Easier to tell me they don’t know what happened to say they were thrown away.