PSA failure to return 5 day submission

I shipped a sub to PSA and according Fedex they accepted it at dec 13.
Untill today it’s not marked as arrived.
It was a combi order with bulk, but also super express in it
that one worries me, 5 Days turnaround after entering, but what happens if they don’t enter it?

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I think you know the answer to this one. If they haven’t entered it and it’s been delivered for 8 days, I would reach out. I had two packages delivered today and they were immediately marked in PSA’s system as “Order Arrived.”

I tried to call them but due to the timedifference I am always to late for the call back service.
I did send an email, No answer.

I hope that it will be entered soon! I can imagine how stressful this is for you. :frowning:

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NO I got a stupid mail few seconds ago. Stating perhaps no Id label on outside ( of course there is)
And I should enter the tracking number in my orders, that also never works for international shipment.

Fedex shows my package is signed for at arrival (I already paid that extra $30 to get that signature)

If they never scanned it, then you will not receive an update until the cards move through Order Prep. They may think that the box is a general bulk box and so they will take their sweet time going through them.

Or the package was lost/stolen.

Both outcomes are awful. :confused:

Got this in that email

Blockquote Additionally, submissions are also entered by priority, so even if you had multiple submissions in one box, they may get entered at separate times. As an example, Regular service level and above have a higher priority, and they’re entered first. Value and lower service levels have lower priority, so they do get entered at a later time.

Because there is a Super Express among it at least that one should be entered already, but none of them is.

Yes, that is correct. It is unusual that the Super Express order is not registered. Either the box sustained damage and was no longer able to be scanned from the outside (thus leading to a delay in the order prep of the Super Express order), or the package was never delivered/stolen.

My past three orders from late October - late December were all registered immediately when signed upon delivery.

Fedex provided me a name and time when the package was accepted at PSA.
the outside box had that combination ID label. All boxes inside had their own ID label also.

You did everything correctly. I would wait to see if PSA pushes the order through over the next week. Hopefully they have it and FedEX did their job correctly.

I am getting a headache about it. It"s a Super expres, a Regular en 2 bulk order.
All in one box, label 100% correct done.
Accepted by B.Lopez on dec 13 10.21 at PSA and no sign of it in my account.

Again tried to call them but lines are full, call back tomorrow. Not funny at all.

In stead of letting me know anything, I just got an email stating the outer box was damaged and they refuse to accept it. My shipment is somewere at a Fedex location. Over a week I was trying to find out what is going on.
Now I’m trying to get it shipped back to me.
I used a brand new special thick outside box, 4 seperate boxes inside for each submission 1. And still they refuse it.
Gotta cry about this, $150 shipping gone, terrible headache.


But they signed for it? Did they just ship it back in the “Damaged” box? Gee whiz this is the nightmare scenario.

They signed for it according the documents, but the email today said they refused it.
Called Fedex and the box should be at a Fedex location, they are trying to find it.
I asked them to return it to me.
If they only had shipped it back right away I would have had it in hand again already.
I asked them please to do the paperwork correct otherwise I have to pay also 21% taxes on the returning shipment.

Sometimes when PSA says that the box was damaged, they mean “tampered.” I truly hope that your package’s contents have not been stolen, but I would not be surprised with the recent uptick in stolen packages from Goldin and FedEX this year.

This is an awful situation, and I am so sorry. :frowning:

I actually did send 2 of those same boxes to PSA. 1 with Fedex and 1 with “normal airmail” .
Both arrived the same day only the Fedex box dissappeared.
Things are contradicting and I can only hope the contents are indeed not stolen.
Boxes do damage if they have to travel around the globe, but these were so thick and sturdy they should arrive fine. Also I don’t get it why they advice double boxed and than refuse to open my box. Because there were other boxes inside this box so it is double boxed.

Well hoping to get my cards back, will take a while with Xmas and weekend nobody working.

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Got some pictures of PSA and it doesn’t look good.
I asked for more pictures, because I fear this is not the box I used.
Impossible with the way I packed it to get this damage.


Please share the images if you are able.

Box before shipping brandnew, 3 layer thick.

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As you can see the box really is damaged. But this is the outer box. There are 4 other boxes inside.
Now under the tape of picture 2 it looks like the flap is damaged, and this was a brand new box.

Still I don’t get it why they didn’t notify me on dec 13.
I got a “delivered” message.
I paid for “sign at arrival”

But what really makes me doubt is that picture with the open torned part.
It looks like it’s only one layer of paper, while this box was really really thick.
I can’t see it, but could it be possible the other layers are still there without damage.
I taped all corners. Been sending boxes this way for years,

Why didn’t I got any notification about the refusal of the box.
I started to worry because there is a super express and regular sub in it.
Those should have entered the system not to long after arrival.

I know boxes will get damage traveling around the globe, that’s why I use those very thick heavy ones.
This kind of damage is absurd.

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