PSA Partial Refund

I have read on here that if your submission takes longer than the specified time frame, then PSA can partially refund eeach card forr the difference between the service pev el you paid for and trhe next cheapest service level.

In this instance myy question relates to a 100 card bulk submission exceeding 45 business days.

I have a submission that is close to t he 45 business days and was thinking if it does exceed 45 business days am i right to request some sort of partial refund from psa in this instance (like a $1 off each card graded).

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The 45 day bulk rate is not guaranteed. The PSA Fees page lists all turnaround times as Estimated Turnaround. AFAIK the few people getting refunds are paying the full $20/card 10-day rate.

Correction - the order was actually a 30 day turnaround that took 45 days. I have no idea if @pokeaddict84 was refunded.

My grades were done in 40 days for a 30 days turnaround sent in 10/24/2017. Even after that they mislabeled one of my cards so they put a shipping hold on it until it was fixed, which took about 3 days. I had to call them 9 days later after it was fixed because they forgot to remove the shipping hold… Even after all that I didn’t request a refund…

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I’m hitting my 45th business day tomorrow too. I read from the PSA website that the turnaround time was just an estimate so they can argue that 45 days is just an estimate, not a deadline.

I was curious about this too - I sent in my 15 card submission late Nov. Delivered the 6th, logged the 15th - no new update. The membership states 7 day est turn around, paper said 10, now coming up on 3 weeks Friday. I also never received emails that they had received them, like my first orders of 1 and 2 cards. Just had to notice it update on my account. I have sent a few emails when it was in limbo from received till logged, never heard back.

Yeah mine is on day 49 of 45 *skeleton meme*

ok so based on people’s interactions exceeding 45 business days I should expect 50 business days. So my submission submitted posted on 1 november will prob get back to me in Feb. gotta love waiting 3 months.

If you pay for a 30 day and it hits 45 business day then the squeaky wheel will get a refund of the difference…if there is a difference,

For those of you out of country, we had several weekday/off days that wouldn’t count as business days.

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I mention this periodically and most know it, but here is what I do:

  1. I send in an order
  2. I get an alert when it gets scanned delivered.
  3. I do nothing else till it gets delivered back to my door.

That’s it…

Nothing else you do changes anything except increase the PSA click through count.


And what do I do when my submission was accepted by them on the 13th of december and STILL not logged in, while I also have another submission sitting at 50 B days, and thats not including the holidays?

Sit there and be quiet like a good little boy. /s

I’d ring them and mention that you aren’t very happy about it and ask them whats up. They will say there is nothing they can do to “flag” it or anything or call it to anyone’s attention that it basically will get done when it gets done. I think they must have some ability though as typically a call has gotten it done the next business day for me when it is already late though that could have been the result without a call too. I am currently sitting at day 48 on a bulk that took them an awful long time to log in as well. I forget how long and don’t really feel like reminding myself as it will on serve to further frustrate.

It really is annoying but I have never successfully gotten a refund from them partial or not. The best I ever got was a voucher for a couple bucks a card when a more expensive service went a few days late. I forget if it was a 2,5 or 10 day. Never have gotten anything done about a bulk service drifting a few days late as there is no cheaper service to downgrade the fee to.

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