PSA Holder Update

Going all the way back to 1993 I’ve been getting complaints about the “frosting” that occurs on the edges of the PSA slabs. Even though the anomaly has always been functionally insignificant, the appearance of impropriety has often needed to be explained.

Well, after 20 years that problem has been corrected. I’ve seen the first of these new holders and they are terrific. The faces are nearly identical to its predecessor but now they are thicker and slightly heavier. I stacked them with the older style ones and they fit together nicely.

The rollout will take some time so you can’t request the new holder. Though all sizes will eventually be converted, only a couple are ready now. One will fit your Pokemon cards.

There are some negatives. Here’s a few:
The new holders won’t fit in the older fitted cases, stands or boxes (they will still fit in the molded PSA binder pages-I checked;).
The cases cost more to manufacture plus some on site retooling is needed so a price increase is inevitable.
Customers will put a higher value on these cases hence, older cases will be in slightly less demand.
Cases are more difficult to safely crack open.

Overall, the cases are a great improvement…Gary.


That remains to be seen :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the news tho!

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Gary, thanks for the update. This is a step in the right direction. I look forward to getting some of my cards in this new holder. Cheers!


Not sure how I feel about the heavier aspect - shipping sucks with PSA cases!


Thanks for the intel Gary! It will be interesting to see if people will value the new cases more once they become the standard.

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Yes, it will.

The top half overlaps the bottom half now so you won’t get the frosting.

The weight difference is actually prohibitive so it shouldn’t affect mailing weight.

I just got an order back from PSA, not the new cases, but they do have the new labels (the reverse has a hologram now). The back of the labels look really sharp, well done PSA!

Has anyone received any Pokemon cards in these new PSA slabs/holders? I’m just curious.

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Yes, I have some cards with the new case and the ologram back. Check cards like my Charizard crystal PSA 10 or the rocket’s mewtwo from my gallery. If you would to see the back I can upload it.

Take pictures of the back and sides and upload them, if you don’t mind!

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Back Detail:
Lateral #2:

The only difference how I can see is the hologram on the back, the case seems the same.
Because someone have a different case?

Thanks for the upload, that’s not actually the new case though. They have changed all the slips to hologram, but are phasing in a newer thicker case with a different design that holds the front and back together. It is thicker, and looks different from the side. Thank you for posting anyway! :blush:

ok many thanks for the additional information.
P.s. The hologram it’s really cool

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I agree, I think the hologram is a nice touch, as small a detail as that is.

Gary, I resurrected this thread because it’s been almost 7 months now and PSA is still not using the new holders to slab Pokemon cards. When I contacted PSA customer service, I was told that the new holder is intended for sports cards only. Non-sports cards will continue to be slabbed in the old holders. The fact that we continue to get the old holders seems to confirm this. I thought it was just a case of using up their stock of old holders. Any chance you can confirm this with PSA?

Has anyone had their Pokemon card encased in the new holder?


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I was just thinking about this yesterday.

I’d love to know if and when this will be implemented for the cards I grade.

This is really annoying if that’s the case, I want the new holders… It’s completely ridiculous that non sports collectors pay the same amount for grading but get a lesser holder. We’ll have to see what happens!

I just got an order back, still the old holders. Same goes for express and higher priority orders, I ended up with old holders.

@garyis2000 do you have any insight on this by any chance?

Perfect time for me to send in a card to get PSA-graded for the first time? :stuck_out_tongue: