IT DOESN'T FIT..and why I did something about it:)

Keeping our PSA cases scratch free has always been important…but the graded card sleeves are to darn big. The slab floats around in them and they overflow on the sides like my wife’s house dress lol.
Well 12 years ago I designed a resealable bag that fit the PSA container snugly. My buddy at ultra pro cut a gross of them for me on their R&D budget. I ended up selling them to a California company for sale at their collectible shows.
Well…guess what I found today. Several of these old bags and they’re perfect.

I can share some of these with you guys but only for your favorite PSA cards. Give me your full mailing address and the number of these bags you need lets say 5 to 20 (unless your Scott and have 100 trophys ;D )

Ill pay for cheap white envelope shipping even internationally so don’t be shy :wink:

Hi Gary,
That’s an awesome offer and really generous of you. Could you send me 20 of your bags, please? I got a number of PSA graded trophy cards in my collection that I would like to keep in those bags although they are not as expensive as Scott’s trophies. I’ll PM my shipping address.
Thanks heaps!

AWESOME! PM’ing you right now.

You got it buddy. I noticed the bags you use are super baggy…you’ll love these big time. Is 20 enough?

You got it cbd. Just reply back here when you get and try them and let us know how much you like 'em.

Excellent! So you’re going to message me back about price etc? Let me know. I will absolutely let everyone know my thoughts.

No charge partner :sunglasses:

Here’s a side by side of the bag differences…

Wow the bags look way better I must say. Okay I’ll message you my address, can I at least cover the shipping? It’s to Canada after all…

Thanks :blush:

No that’s fine. Ill just stick them in a white envelope and send them as cheap as possible. Hopefully they’ll arrive in good order.

Two thumbs up for Gary!

ps. I know this is not relevant, but have you seen many sealed Trainer Deck A’s (or even have any) Gary? They are very hard to come by, and someone said they were looking for one on another section of the website. I have one, but it is the only one I have seen sealed. Any insight is greatly appreciated :blush: Feel free to make a thread if you’d like!!

Haven’t seen many but some. Been awhile though…

Of course it is the most important thing to keep those high-end cards in good condition… but I have never thought of putting my PSA graded cards into a sleeve to protect the PSA case… I mean, the PSA cases are meant to protect the card… even if there are a few scratches on them, this wont hurt and wont lower the value… Also: you can always send PSA graded cards to PSA again so they put the card into a new case (although this costs a bit)…

I am right now thinking about if I need to protcect my PSA cases or not… and I dont have an answer right now :confused:

With all due respect Geri…you couldn’t be more wrong. A scratch in the plastic case can lower the presentation value of a case. Several scratches can ruin the overall looks completely.
You said if it gets scratched you can always send it back to PSA for reslabbing. True, but that can cost 10.00 to 20.00 bucks whereas the sleeve is pennies.
Finally, on more than one occasion I’ve returned PSA cards to eBay sellers cause the case wasn’t protected and I’ve had many customers ask about the condition of the case before they’d buy it.
Maybe it’s too late for your current collection but from now on protect the new PSA items with sleeves.

Hi Frosty. You got it. Just PM me with your address and how many you want 5-20 or so and ill send them to you for free :grin:

Hey guys. Turns out I had over 20 people requesting my special PSA bags so it took me awhile cause all but 2 were international. Ill get them all out tomorrow. When you get them be sure to reply here on how you like them.
They’re going 1st class so it could take awhile to your country…Gary.


I just got them! They are amazing! Huge difference over the regular sleeves! Get ultra pro to make these!

Thanks for letting me know they arrived in good order :grin: They are awesome eh?

It was actually my friend at Ultra Pro who made these for me on the sly (on their research/development budget) years ago. I sold lot to a California distributor a long time ago. I still see them floating around every few years or so…but there’s not many left. Besides my stash lol.

Yeah I really like them a lot! I am trying to ration them on the cards I like best :blush:

Hello, newcomer here. I would be interested in buying some too if you’re still selling!