PSA has just changed their....

*gasp* click bait title…

But having received three different returns this week, I was privy to noticing a subtle, and not advertised, change to;

That’s right, PSA has changed their casing and more importantly it actually goes beyond the simple logo re-design.

The new case is also different in build and dimensions!

Old case: 6.48mm thick / 48.70g

New case: 6.03mm thick / 43.69g

(Compared Base Set Holo to Base Set Holo to get accurate results based on fluctuating Holo weights)

The new case has MUCH sharper edges, as in I nearly sliced my finger on it, so be careful.

The new case is noticeably lighter in hand and feels as durable despite the weight loss and thickness decrease. Aside from the new logo, cosmetically the case is the same.

Feel free to ask any questions =)


I noticed the sharper edges! I think it helps them stack better.

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I also noticed that I almost lost a finger on the last round of returns. Haha.

They’re still great. No complaints. I think I prefer handling them in sleeves a little more now than before, though.


I wonder how the perfect fit sleeves will be impacted with these new cases

They aren’t mate!

You’ll notice that all my cards are sleeved (in the best sleeves, thanks Matty!).

If anything, they’ve got slightly more wriggle room which is good =)


Those are the sleeves I use, too. I really, really like them.

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What sleeves are those “best”? (if it’s not a trade secret) Thank you!

A guy named Matty Orlando has been making them for a while. He has Instagram. Matty_collects


Oh okay, thank you

Can you post a picture of the sharper corners?

Time to send in all your cards for recasing lol.

I bought a card recently, and thought wow this case feels way different and it felt sharp too.
I didn’t even realize they made changes to the case.

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Is the case fittance for the cards different? I’m seeing what appears to be more space top:bottom and left:right, albeit very small.

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I noticed this, too. A bit more room for the cards to breathe. I also thought I was absolutely crazy when I got my latest return in the mail and the cases felt sharper.

Yep! Sure can, both old (rounded edges - not corners) and new (almost completely square edges).

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Not until they go back to the silver holo or make a new less ugly case! :sob:


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I knew something was off on my newest psa cards

Psa case is alright, so so. I don’t like the sharp edges, but it’s good. I think these designs are better than the older ones.

Also I get some sleeves from Matty. They fit cardsavers food as well, but will leave sharp corners on our psa cards. I don’t mind, as I just want to sleeve fast rather than struggle to get the tight fit ones on.