NEW Clam Shell PSA Case. Thumbs UP or DOWN!

Now that most of you have had the chance to get familiar with the new PSA cases…what do you think? Pluses and minuses?

At first I didn’t like them cause they didn’t fit into my special custom fit acrylic holders.
Now, I love them.

It’s like cancer, it just kind of grows on you. On serious note I do like that they look and feel a tad more durable, Currently debating on sending my zard and shining collection in to be re-holdered.

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Personally I feel like they are better quality. Won’t crack as easily. Out of my 300ish card PSA Collection, two of the cases are cracked. Both are of the old style…

I currently store my PSA Collection in graded card boxes and I noticed that the new cases take up alittle more space.

My first PSA card i bought about a month ago so i wouldn’t know the difference but researching the old showed some differences and they were not that obvious to me until i saw the sides of the cases. TBH i didn’t relalise there was older version of the case lol

Actually, there’s three different older versions but they were all very similar except for aesthetics.
This was the first complete structural redesign.

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