Kinda cool find for PSA case protection.

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This may be of interest to some of you.
As most of you know I have a very limited supply of custom fit PSA case sleeves but…
I just noticed the UP One Touch sleeves are a perfect tight fit for PSA cases. The down side is they are just a bit short. Note the pic which shows where the flap closes to…about a 1/6th of an inch short.
Hope this is useful info for some of you:)

So the adhesive closes directly onto the case?

Correct monk…

The price of beauty.

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It would drive me crazy. I couldn’t do it. Hahaha.

I suggest PSA Slab Clam Shell for your precious PSA-graded cards. Perfect fit :blush:

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But those clam shells are about $3.50 each compared to these at 3 cents each. Not all of us are rich like you and Elam :rofl:

If I’m rich, then everyone here is a millionaire. :blush:
I love those clam shells because they look much better than the plastic bags. I use it only for really special cards. Just consider the $3.50 as part of your grading cost.

Here is your perfect fit sleeves, no more excess plastic around the case and the flap goes nicely over the psa label.

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AH thank you! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. The excess around the sides on the Ultra pro sleeves are driving me nuts. Know of any US sellers that have these?

No problem. :blush:

That is the only place so far where you can purchase these.

Gotcha well thanks a bunch though for posting that!

Wow dang I just realized they’re super expensive! $16 for 100 of them to the US? Ouch

I had these custom made many years ago and sold giant lots in many countries…these are most certainly mine.
If you want 5 bags (500) to the US only I’ll give them to you for 55.50 family/friends payment.

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Wow I didnt know of those calm shells… That’s really cool! But I guess the card wont fit in a PSA graded card stand anymore, right?

I don’t use those stands but I don’t think the graded card with a clam shell will still fit.

Alright… They are still very useful I guess.

Is it possible to order those calm shells directly at Ultra Pro?

Ok hmm let me do some thinking about it. I don’t need 500 but I could probably sell the rest of them.

Nestor, could you upload pictures of one of your graded cards with a clam shell?

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Here are some pictures for reference.

The current PSA holder fits perfectly into the clam shell. I’m not sure about the new thick holder though.

I don’t intend to re-holder my cards when PSA decides to use their new thick holder on non-sports cards so I will just keep them in these clam shells. If you find the right seller, you can get these for a lot less than $3.5.



Thank you, looks great!