Plastic "Sleeves" for PSA cases

I have some PSA slabs that have no sleeve, some that have a loose sleeve, and some that have a snug sleeve. I’d like to put all my slabs in snug sleeves. Picture for reference, desired “snug sleeve” on the left, loose sleeve on right. Does anyone know where I can buy some of the snug sleeves? I know I could guess dimensions and buy sealable polybags, but I figured someone here would know exactly what I’m looking for, Thanks!

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Only took 4 minutes, thanks guys!

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Echoing the recommend for Perfect Fit Sleeves .com Really really nice sleeves and he always throws in a pack of assorted extras

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Perfect Fit had to change their name to Superior Fit. They are the same company/products for those wondering


best psa sleeves imo. Happy to restock these few months ago since it was hard to get during the pandemic.

In my opinion, Superior Fit (previously Perfect Fit) is the best. I’d say it’s the most snug fit out of all the options in the market. For many options out there, the term perfect fit is used loosely.

For example, Cardboard Gold has issues with excess plastic on the top and the flap is too long covering the back of the card.

Also, buy directly from the site if you want the cheapest option.

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Has anyone tried the Premium Superior Fit sleeves?
Is it worth it vs regular?


I haven’t but it’s just 40 microns vs. 60 microns, a +50% in thickness.

I’d say only worth if you treat your slabs roughly.

The additional thickness may also affect the clarity of viewing the cards and cause issues for your storage cases.

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That’s true, didn’t think about clarity. Thanks for the reponse :blush:

I have. It does feel nicer. I’ve had no clarity issues. The one complaint I have is that it doesn’t fit as snugly and makes the cards slightly too wide to fit in certain PSA card containers

Premium Superior Fit Sleeves because I can definitely feel the extra 20 microns, but mostly because I like the word Premium