New PSA Slabs?

There is a rumor going around that PSA is going to introduce new, thicker and more tamper evident slabs sometime this month/latter in the year. Does anyone know if this is true?

Honestly I dont see a need to make new slabs… I think the old ones are totally alright.

/photo/1 …I guess they did

I guess it only applies to some cards though? I wonder if pokemon will be affected…I know different cards have very different holders.

Ps I hope they don’t change haha, but I’d have to make a proper judgement after seeing in person. Could be a good thing

My opinion is entirely based on the aesthetics relative to the original cases should pokemon get new slabs. I don’t want “old” slabs and “new” slabs to be something I have to consider. If they are better but look the same? Whatever. But if there is a significant difference in look, It’ll suck.

There’s no plans for a significant change with the slabs.
Several years ago when the headers and header areas were changed there was quite an uproar. Consistency in display aesthetics is very important to collectors and any major change would negatively affect that presentation.
Minor improvements are inevitable (and necessary) though.

A slab change would only further push me away from collecting PSA cards as the inner OCD in me would want every PSA card to be in the same slab.

I’m still bothered by the change in the back of the labels!

Wow. I thought my OCD was bad!

As long as they protect the cards inside and have the correct grade I couldn’t care less what the slabs looked like! And I have really bad OCD lol :blush:

I finally, found someone I can pawn off my scratched up cases to;)

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Hahaha. But if I remember correctly the last major change was when they updated the labelling and the back of the case at the label portion. That change was a big improvement in my opinion, maybe if another change is imminent then it will be another substantial improvement. It looks like the labels will be unaffected so it won’t have me sending back my cases for updates like I’ve done with the cards that were encapsulated a long time ago. Then again, part of the reason for me sending most of those for re-slabs is because they were scratched to hell by previous owners.

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