PSA Graded Bilingual Exeggutor

Is the Trainer’s Magazine Bilingual Exeggutor worth grading? What do you think I could sell it for?

Absolutely if PSA 9 or 10. It’s decently in demand. As for price, I don’t know what’s current. bought a PSA 10 copy for $70 when they were under $20 ungraded

It’s a pretty easy card to grade cause the centering isn’t precise so they rarely get docked for centering.

I’d go for it - it’s definitely a cool card :blush:

I presume we’re talking about the glossy version of this card, correct? The non-glossy version certainly must be worth hundreds of dollars.

Yes we’re talking about the glossy :blush:

Yes, the glossy of course haha.

Btw, this is my first glossy card, and I really like the gloss. I might just go get all of the glossy cards…

There’s a non glossy? I didn’t even know that :open_mouth:

How did you obtain it??

You win in a Tropical Mega Battle tournament.

The non-glossy version was a participation prize at the 1999 Tropical Mega Battle in Hawaii (<50 copies printed) and is identical to the Fan Club Magazine version except for the gloss. Hope that helps :blush:

I got my glossy version from Gary… in a magazine factory sealed… I was hoping to grade it as well. @daleum you should also get the Please Trade card… it’s the only card that I know besides ANcient Mew that has a holo foil japanese back

I never knew about the non gloss version. Will look out for one ;D

If anyone is looking for a factory-sealed Trainers Magazine with the glossy version of the bilingual card, PM me. :blush: