Price Check: PSA 10 Umbreon ex JPN

Hey guys, wondering if anyone has an accurate price idea for this card, Umbreon ex from Golden Sky/Silvery Ocean. I kinda don’t care, as I just bought one for $35, which seemed like an absolute steal to me. Did I overpay/underpay? It’s unlimited edition, and I checked the PSA POP report…which says there are two. TWO?! I don’t know, I’m just incredibly happy with this purchase. Even if it’s worth $5, it’ll still be cool because its an Umbreon ex in PSA 10!

Great deal. I almost purchased it but I said “eh, I have enough cards that are extra to my goals.” It is a beautiful card, and will cost much more than $35 if you were to try and find a copy worth grading yourself. As @darkrai and @bagoly14 can attest, these cards are quite difficult to find in any condition other than half-eaten.

I joke, but seriously they are hard to come across.

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@soulwind I’m pretty happy you left it up :blush: And yeah, I’ve been looking for a Japanese Umbreon to grade but, like you said, none of them have been in good condition.

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Yep. I can’t find a 1st ed Espeon or Umbreon in PSA 9 or PSA 10 condition. It doesn’t matter what I offer for the cards – there simply are not enough of them left to go around. Congrats again though! I would say the card is easily $60 and probably a fair bit more in the current market for PSA graded cards.

@soulwind Awesome! Won’t be selling this one for awhile though, I have an english Umbreon ex off at PSA now and hopefully that will get a 10 to complement the japanese one. I think noodles197000 has an auction up right now with a 1ed Espeon and Umbreon. The didn’t look mint to me but sometimes he’s got hidden gems up.

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