129 PCG-P Deoxys 2006 Spring Battle Road

So I recently got the grades of my bulk order and just found out the card in the title, received a 10. Not really sure how to price it since its the only one that’s been graded and let alone received a 10. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It’s a pretty cool card, but not very sought after, hence it being the only one graded. It does seem to sell for a bit of money, but the ones I’ve seen on eBay at $40-50 aren’t going anywhere. Taking everything into account, I think its worth anywhere from $75-95 in a PSA 10. Would probably go for less than that at auction, at it really is an obscure card.


It seems as though many of the PCG-P cards aren’t really sought after and are rather obscure. I was actually thinking it wouldn’t get more than $100. I’ll probably try to sell it somewhere in the middle once I get it. Thanks for the help! :blush:

I’ve always liked it, so if you’re unable to sell on eBay then let me know! I probably won’t be able to pay too much for it though.

For sure, I’ll keep you posted :blush:

What does this deoxys look like?


Pop series 4 art tho

Oh ok, so the artwork was the same as the English POP 4 release?