Price Check - PSA 9 Groudon EX Full Art - Dark Explorers

I’d really like this card, but I don’t want to overpay too much. POP report says 5 9s in existence. Price I’m thinking of is around $45-50 at the most, given that the card usually sells for about $30.

I agree. I sold a PSA 8 for $30 or 35 and that was months ago before it went up in price.

You’ll just have to wait for a buyer.

Thanks for the input! Love the card, but I think the price is too high for me to purchase as of now. Might try to grade one myself.

UPDATE!: I am able to pick this card up for $55. I’m very much leaning towards doing it.

Update #2: Got it for $55.

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Are you going for PSA 9s of all the FAs or?

Thanks! As of now I’m going for a PSA 9 set of the full arts from Dark Explorers, as its one of my favorite sets. Problem is, it’s darn expensive.

I’ve got a tornadus full art in psa 9. I should be getting back a kyogre in either a psa 9 or a 10. It’s a regrade from a 9. If you’re interested in either.

I really like dark explorers if it weren’t for the pack mapping it probably would have been reprinted.

Pack mapping?

Yes. Apparently there were certain sets during pokemon production where you could pull an ultra card based off the pattern of the pack art. Now before you dismiss it I had the discussion on reddit pokemon section several times. I posted a youtube video where a guy proves it. Dark explorers had. A reset in the pack pattern which allowed you to go back a certain number of packs and pull an ultra rare. You could essentially pull 3 packs and pull all 3 ultras. The secret rare was still a mystery.

Here is the link to my post on why dark explorers boxes are so expensive.

My response sounds a little while I Rd because it’s a copy paste answer from when I answered this question before.

Interesting… I know that EX Battle Boost (Japanese) boxes were similar if not the same.

@hisoka107 I’d definitely be interested in the Kyogre, at the right price of course. I have a Tornadus that will probably grade a 9 which I’ll send in eventually. That’s really interesting about pack mapping, I’ve heard of it before and seen it done with a couple of HGSS series booster boxes, where the guy picked out all the primes and legends just based on the pack position.

Do you have any proof or descriptions of that? It’s not that I don’t believe it could happen u just want to read or watch it.

It’s on the same channel as the Dark Explorers boxes, here’s the

This guy has the hang of it. Kind of. But yeah, with sets before DRX, it was possible to use the pack art pattern to pick where the ultra rares are. I think that’s why the pull rates were made insanely random after DEX.

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Hot diggity!

don’t doubt the power of my regrading luck.

It is for both RH and EX cards (probably the C/U as well). I didn’t open enough boxes to gain any insight into UR distribution. But I noticed that some boxes have the exact same RH and EX cards in the exact same packs. I was able to predict the remaining contents of some boxes based on the contents of the first several packs. For example, if a pack contained RH Victini and Lugia EX in the second and fourth packs, respectively, I’d check to see if other “hot packs” were consistent with previous boxes. Most boxes were not like this so I doubt anything like “pack mapping” could be done with EBB.

Yup! I was happy to nab most of the EBB RH for ~$4 apiece.

EBB was printed in UED as well. I can’t imagine *EVER* completing a UED set… It is too difficult to find those cards and too expensive to open ~30 boxes. I was happy to complete the 1ED RH set because the mirrors look so beautiful on Japanese card stock.

@bagoly14 I feel ya. Sometimes I think that we would be better graders than PSA themselves for pokemon cards.

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