Price Check: PSA 10 Mew EX 120/124 Dragons Exalted

Hey guys! Looking for some help finding the value of an English Full Art Mew Ex 120/124 from the Dragons Exalted set. This card has some sentimental value to me, and I was curious what it’d be worth in PSA 10. I myself do not own a PSA 10 copy, and cant seem to find much sales data on a PSA 10 copy in general.

Here’s what I know so far from my limited research:

  • Pop 19 as a PSA 10
  • No English ones on Ebay (that I could find), sales data also seemingly empty
  • PokemonPrice has the only sale in its record being nearly 2 years ago for about $411.00

Kind of a niche modern card, but I figure this would be the best place to ask! Any and all help is appreciated!

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BW full arts are pretty much all over the place. Sometimes they’ll sell for $400-500 (I know a couple people have offered this range on the forum) but auctions aren’t too reliable as there is a small number of people interested. This is compounded by the low pop reports which mean they don’t trade publicly very often.

The last recorded sale on a Mew was $400 in July. I’d say the price would be somewhere around there.


I dont know how I didnt notice that auction, especially such a recent one. Definitely clears up a lot. Thank you so much!!