PSA 10 shadowless base set charizard

Hi guys, I personally have not seen this card on anywhere before so I am looking for a price point for this elusive card. I believe the population for this card is even lower than the 1st edition charizard, does that make this card even more expensive than the 1st ed zard which is >$10000 currently? Thanks for your time guys :blush:

saw one sold last year at $3200

That’s great! Thanks :grin:

thats alright :blush:

One sold this year for $2600.

The one that sold for $3200 was bought by a collector who was willing to pay any price to get it lol, he didn’t even best offer it and immediately paid the full amount.

I think a more realistic price for this would still be around $2500.

Thanks for that info, it’s really rare to see one sold on ebay, especially here in UK where some of the cards in the US are not available elsewhere for the rest of the word to bid/buy.

Im not sure how much they go for ungraded since I haven’t looked info it but have you considered grading some yourself? Might get lucky with your finds.

For these type of cards its easier said than done, finding a raw copy which is worthy of a 9 is hard, and you’ll usually have to pay top dollar if one does pop up

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