PSA 10 1st Edition Shadowless Charizard


I’m trying to figure out what the value of a PSA 10 1st Edition Shadowless Charizard would be in the market today?

Thank you :blush:

One just sold on auction a few days ago for $20,100. It looked like it came with a nice protective case too.

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Sorry, is that USD?

I’m Australia :blush:

Yep USD.

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When I think the Canadian dollar is bad I look to my Australian brothers and sisters and feel a little better. :blush:


Pwcc auctions will be listing 2 this Friday at auction. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of price they will fetch, along with many other cards they have as well.

Edit: Still can,t believe you traded your BGS 9.5 for booster boxes worth about half value…

not really RIP, the average salary in Canada is 50,000 per annum where as in Australia it’s 78,832, so the purchasing power for the average Australian is much better than the average Canadians even considering the exchange rate.


Why do you tell me these things T-T

To be fair though, I’m not the average Canadian :blush:


But they aren’t worth half the value in Australia! I paid $12,500 AUD for the card and have had offers of $12k-$14k for both boxes. The market is completely different here in Australia! It’s so weird

Interesting… I still would never bet against 1st Ed Charizard. It’s probably close to $20,000 AUD card tbh. :blush:

You should keep an eye on that pwcc auction they will have 2 PSA 10s and the BGS 9.5 you traded.

Does anyone have a link to the last one sold?

You wouldn’t be able to see it (via search/sold listings) without a proxy/vpn if you’re in Australia because it didn’t have worldwide shipping enabled.

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Thank you :blush: