PSA 10 1st ed JP. Charizard ex from 2004 half deck


So I purchased the unlimited version for a little more than 200 usd some weeks ago.
I’ve seen a 1st edition copy of this card listed on ebay for 849,99 usd. Talked to the seller, he told me if we do of ebay he could do 550 usd for it. Is this a fair price or still too expensive? Can’t really tell the value of these cards in 1st edition. haven’t seen a lot 1st edition copies on ebay…

I mean this card in 1st edition

Thanks for the help!

I’d try to bargain price down to at least $400, these cards are far more common currently what they used to be 2 years ago. You’ve probably already noticed from ebay that english PSA 10 version sells between $300-$400.

As a sidenote PSA 10 1st ed. Venusaur ex/Blastoise ex usually end around $150, Charizard ex is obviously more wanted/expensive but not that much what seller is asking from you.


I sold mine for 120-200usd or something in psa 10 1st ed

I reccomend waiting for one in yahoo japan to pop up if you are patient person and not reckless like myself, as these be pretty dam minty fresh!! given there decks.

The decks go very cheap when they show up.

I put mine up for several months at around 500, and it sat and sat :sob:

If it helps a sealed deck just went for £150 on yahoo japan, whoever sold you that other copy must be pretty cool :sunglasses:

The card has a very niche market. I purchased multiple sealed decks in the $150-250 range and sold multiple PSA 10 'Zards in the $250-300 range (even one a bit cheaper when I started liquidating my collection) over the past 1-2 years. A bunch of decks hit the market last January-February so I would keep an eye out for a more reasonable price.

I wish it were worth $550+, but it isn’t right now.


Thanks for the help people, I will keep looking! :blush:

@woolsluk He is indeed pretty cool haha :sunglasses: :rofl:

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