1st ed Base Set Charizard (English) - Ungraded, PSA 8-10

Hi all. I don’t really collect cards of such a high value but I’m curious as to how the price scales on a 1st ed Base Set Charizard in ungraded NM condition as compared to PSA 8, PSA 9 and PSA 10 graded ones. I know the prices of the PSA 10 Charizards had dropped a bit from ~$5000 to ~$3500 as high end collectors (like many of you!) picked copies up and left the buyers market, but has this changed at all? And how does this compare to the other conditions I listed?


PSA-8’s are selling for roughly $800-$1,000
PSA-9’s are selling for roughly $1,750
PSA-10’s are selling for about $4,000 (I think…)

I’m going by Ebay prices here. As for Ungraded NM/Mint copies… Good Luck! I hardly ever see any anymore. :confused:

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Blastoise is just about spot on. i saw an ungraded NM zard go for $900 US 4 days ago

Thanks guys. That helps a lot.