First edition charizard

What is price it’s upgraded but I will grade it if it is worth it any idea what a grade 1-10 is worth?

Price is sololy based on condition. Assuming it’s even NM you’re looking around $350-500

Difficult to give an exact estimate without knowing the condition. Something you could do on your own would be to check out ended listings on ebay, and compare your cards condition to the pictures of sold cards. Also, It is much easier to estimate if the card is graded.

I paid $575 for a mint copy recently.

But I think I got pretty lucky with that price


A couple of months ago, I took a gamble on a 1st Edition Base Set Charizard from a seller on eBay. The card looked in amazing condition. I paid $900 USD for it [$1,200 AUD]. Once it arrived, I checked the condition and it looked pretty solid.

I decided I would send it off to PSA to get it checked out. At worst, it would score a PSA 8 Near-Mint to Mint condition and I would break even. It was returned to me as a PSA Mint 9. I basically doubled my investment :slight_smile:

Just research all the listings before diving in and purchasing. As they are such a big investment, you want to do it correctly otherwise you could lose a stack of cash.

@xgav1337x was it previously graded with BGS?

hey gav nice to see you’ve made your way to the forum

Nope, was never previously graded. Purchased a raw card and then sent it in straight away :blush:.

Hiya :slight_smile: