1999-2000 Charizard

Just got my 1999-2000 UK released base set Charizard graded by PSA. It received a 9 which was pretty surprising.

So what’s a fair price for this considering it has such a small market?

i will buy it if your selling the 4th print charizard and im not sure will be a bit more than the normal unlimited but yeah i wouldnt pay much more but if you want to sell it pm me mate

or trade f you want to trade for a similar card

I’ll eventually list it on ebay but for right now I was hoping to get some price estimates. It’s definitely valued higher than the unlimited print I just don’t know how much.

I’ve been offered an equivalent to $500 for my psa 9 1999-2000 charizard, but turned it down

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equivaltnet you mean a trade i will trade you some shadowless PSA 9s for it if you collect them i collect 4th prints you see and i need this one in an 9 i got an 8

Keep in mind that PSA 9 is a different value than raw “mint”.

hay there you still want to sell/trade this card

I would guesstimate at least $500 for the card in question.

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nice you happliy trade a few psa graded 10s for this card i collect these

i know of a chap in the UK who sold a PSA 10 to someone for £1800 GBP way overpriced in my opinion.
PSA 9 certainly worth £250+ though (around $400)

yeah barney right thats coz theres only 2 10s

not really gor a price on it its up to how mucht the buyer wants to sell it for and how much your willing to pay

How can you be sure there are only 2 10s, don’t they share a pop with all other base zards with the usual copyright?


That’s right, they’re labeled exactly same way. There has to be more than just 2 in the world.

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absolutely this.

and just an fyi guys. I spoke too soon when I created this thread. My charizard actually graded an 8. I was looking at my grades online before the package arrived and assumed the uk print scored the 9. oh well. On the upside I have regular base set charizard that graded a 9. lol

yeah they do well 2 known then i check the ebay listing every day ahah

I’d put a 9 at $650-$750. Sounds high, but achievable imo.

An 8 is tough to say. I’m watching that listing now. 8s are not nearly as collectible unless the card has some serious value. Which this card ungraded in a less than 8 condition will hit > $100, so I’d say yes.

On a side note, I’m collecting this set too. I’ve been unlucky with pack openings and have not got very far. If anyone has extras, feel free to shoot a PM.