Base Set 2 PSA 10 charizard price check

As the subject says, anyone know the price of a PSA 10 base set 2 charizard? I have seen a few PSA 9’s around $150. Given the fact that a PSA 9 unlimited charizard is around the same price as the base 2 psa 9. is the PSA 10 around the same as well? Seems like a decent set to start collecting given the values and rarity of original base set becoming harder to achieve.

one recently sold in the UK for around £530 after fees etc.
and I’ve definitely seen one sell from the US in the last 3 months for around $550-600 if i recall correctly.

Id say somewhere around £500GBP or $650USD +/- 10% is around the current asking price for this card at the moment.