Price on 1999-2000 PSA 10 Base Set Machamp


I can normally find some sales history on most cards in my collection but struggling with this. Has anyone got an idea of current price range for a PSA 10 4th variation 1999-2000 Machamp?

The 1999-2000 set has slowly become one of my favourite sets to collect because of how hard it is to find them. I do wish that PSA would recognize this as a variant set but maybe some day in the future.

Just did some research of my own and couldn’t find a price range either. I would love to know as well.

I don’t see why they would be less than the other Machamps. Maybe about the same as a thin?

In fact, unlike the unlimited base set, 1999-2000 Machamp is one of the harder card of the 4th print set to find in PSA 10, because 1) it is only available in 1999-2000 print decks, not available in booster packs, and 2) not all 1999-2000 print decks have 1999-2000 Machamp; a lot of them have the 1999 Machamp only, and 3) being slightly movable in decks means there is more chance of corner wear to the card vs the card being in booster pack, reducing the chance of getting a 10

This set as well as Fossil 2000 are the sets that brought me back to the hobby in 2018