Trainer Deck A Machamp

I’m trying to research the price for a PSA10 Trainer Deck A Machamp.
Any opinions/references out there?

I don’t think there are many sales of this item so it’s difficult to gauge. The deck of cards, sealed, go for over $3,000 at last auction held on the bay. That is for the potential to get a PSA 10 but there is no guarantee. With such a limited quantity, and the pop report so low, I would guess over $5,000. After purchasing the Trainer B deck and realizing the cards toss back and forth in the box, it made me realize how hard it’s to obtain a PSA 10 with these cards and some decks in general.

Sorry I can’t help you out more but hopefully someone else has some more metrics for you.


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If you’re trying to buy whatever you and I can come to an agreement on as I’m the only one selling. If you’re looking to sell whatever you can get out of it, I’d shoot for 5,000+ in your shoes.

On eBay.

There’s also a copy for sale on Facebook.

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They’re prob the cheaper option, so amend my post to whatever price you can agree with them at.

I’m pretty sure there was a private sale of this card for $3000. I’ll double check that. Even if that’s true, it doesn’t mean that’s the price you’ll get now.

I traded my PSA 9, around $1300 of loose WOTC holos in Excellent condition $1-$15 range/each and cash <$1000 for a PSA 10 two weeks ago. It was not a strong 10 in my opinion, although it had better centering than my current copy.


I made today a deal around $3000 for a PSA10 copy located in the UK.
I personaly value it a bit higher around 4-5k, but it’s very difficult to put a price on this card.
Just imagine how difficult it is to get a Trainer Deck A sealed and then to obtain a PSA10…