PRICE CHECK: Machamp Trainer Deck A PSA 10

Greetings Collectors,

I’ve checked recent sold listings and have not been able to determine the value of my Machamp. Last recorded Machamp Trainer Deck A PSA 10 sale was October 2020 for $10,100.

A Machamp Trainer Deck A PSA 9 sold for $8,500 a few days later on 11/2/20.

I’ve spoken to who I think is the leading expert when it comes to Trainer Deck A & B, and he values the graded 10 at about $30,000. So that’s what I have him valued at.

I’m listening to any and all thoughts, opinions and advice.

Id say about 7k tbh.

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Who is the leading expert when it comes to Trainer Deck A & B?

I think it is fair to say this is an extremely niche card many people don’t even know about. Could it go for 30k to someone who really wants it? Yes probably, but that could take a very long time. Realistically at auction you would probably get 10-15k.


I would also check sales data for the TDB Blastoise, as both are the chase card from each respective deck. I know the price on the Blastoise 9s have been getting destroyed recently on pwcc. Scott had a PSA 10 sell for 20k early this year, but I havent been following sales of these cards closely recently.


Isn’t it the case that about 5 or 6 (out of 8) of the psa 10 are owned by 2 people? So if you find them they might be able to give you a price.

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Interesting. That’s a bit low as a PSA 9 is listed at $11,000.
A Lp/NM raw sold for 710. I’d say it would grade a PSA 7-8 at best.

Imo, @jeremypadawer as he owns 3 PSA 10s. Also owns a massive collection of high end collectibles.

Jesus, this guy owns

Absolute chad

Yes, I agree. Fair to say it’s a niche card. Only reason it’s not as known, is because everyone is chasing the big 3. It was a very a limited and exclusive print, unlike the releases of base set and every set afterwards.
I’ve spoken to Jeremy and Scott individually. Trying to see the best way to move this slab. So far, it’s been tricky. Like you said, auction might be 10-15k.

Are you looking to move it in the immediate future? You could probably continue to advertise until you find someone willing to bleed into the range Jeremy gave you.

Yes. I remember talking to Scott during the sale. I was following it closely as he offered to market it for me as well. I just haven’t been able to let it go. I did in fact receive trade offers close the the price I’d like for it tho

I know JeremyPadawer owns 3 for sure. I haven’t been keeping up with the others. I had the 7th PSA 10 graded and that was the last one for 2.5 years, until one was recently graded. I’ve been talking with Jeremy and trying to figure out what the best route is.

Yes and no. If the right offer comes along, I’d gladly let it go. If not, which has been the case, I’ll continue to hold on to it. I’ve received a 20k cash offer, and trade offers with trade value arranging from 26k-31k. But cash is king and the trades haven’t wowed me yet.

What were some of the offers, just out of curiosity? 30K is an obscene amount of money to me (moreso for a TCG product) – that’s incredible.

Think the value will continue to climb long term?